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Earth-Yoni Initiation and Blessing November 2013

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An invitation to all women…

to receive the NEW distant worldwide Earth-Yoni Initiation

from Miranda Gray

and learn how to give an Earth-Yoni Blessing,

on Sunday 24th November 2013

Earth-Yoni Blessing with Miranda Gray

Register to recieve the initiation at one of two times:

15.00 (UK time) 23.00 (UK time)

Registration closes 24.00 (UK time) Saturday 23rd November.

Online access is only required for registration and for receiving the manual.

> Register now your chosen initiation time

> How to register and take part.

The Earth-Yoni Blessing

The Earth-Yoni Blessing is a beautiful gift of love from the Divine Mother to heal our Yoni (the vagina and vulva area), to return our Yoni to sacredness, and to reconnect us with the Earth Mother.

The Yoni is the sacred shrine of femininity. It is the entrance to the deep mystery of the soul and of life, and it is our connection to the Earth Mother and our ability to open and to fill with her energy. The Earth-Yoni Blessing is offered in the year of the Mother archetype at a time when the world needs the gentle strength and love of the Mother.

The Earth-Yoni Initiation

The Earth-Yoni Initiation is a distant energy alignment that empowers the women taking part anywhere in the world to give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to other women.

Every woman taking part in the Initiation receives a manual telling her how to take part at her chosen time and also showing her how to give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to other women.  No further training is required to give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to others – it is a simple sharing of energy and love.

This beautiful Blessing is gentle in its simplicity and powerful in its love. It is a way for us to heal, but also to acknowledge the beauty, strength and love in each other.

Please invite other women to receive the Earth-Yoni Initiation -and then please give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to others to bring love and healing to all women.

For the Earth-Yoni Initiation I am asking for a small donation to help support the costs and administration of the Worldwide Womb Blessing. Please give whatever you can to help us to continue to reach more women and to help them change themselves, their lives and the world.

The Earth-Yoni Blessings resonates with the heart and I am looking forward to sharing this energy. I hope you will join me.

Love and hugs, Miranda

Receiving the Earth-Yoni Initiation:

If you cannot receive the Earth-Yoni Initiation at your chosen time, you may meditate after this time and still receive the energy sent to you.

If you need to change your Initiation time, simply re-register. Any woman of any age can receive the Earth-Yoni Initiation – you can receive it if you are pregnant and if you no longer have a womb or menstrual cycle.

Any young girl can receive the Initiation whether or not she has started her menstrual cycle.