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Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

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Sowing the seeds of the future in our Crone-time

The Crone* female archetype is the serene Universal Womb; she is complete within herself, and all things are possible within her darkness.

Our Crone-time (menstrual phase) is the amazing phase of our cycle in which we can sow the seeds to magically create the month ahead. It is our time to dream the future, to imagine the things we would love to attract into our life, and to feel the joy of the things we would love to have and to do. This is powerful dreaming – more powerful in this phase than in any other cycle phase, because when we feel the emotions of love and joy for the visions we day-dream in our Crone-time two potent experiences happen.

Our dominant way of thinking in our Crone phase is the deepest level of thinking we have. I call this our ‘Soul Level Thinking’. This is the level beneath our conscious and subconscious minds, where we hold our inner knowing, our soul awareness and our awareness of oneness with everything. There are no words at this peaceful level, because words belong to the intellectual mind.

Patterns created at the soul level rise through the different levels of our perception –our subconscious mind, our feeling mind and our thinking mind – influencing each level and creating profound change. So the seeds that we plant in the darkness of the Crone’s soul-level thinking influence all other levels of our awareness, and the other female archetypes and their associated phases of the menstrual cycle – the Maiden archetype and pre-ovulation phase, the Mother archetype and ovulation phase, and the Enchantress archetype and the pre-menstrual phase.

Our Crone-time offers us the opportunity for
simple, deep and transformational healing and changes.

Usually we are taught to use our thoughts to change our thinking and feelings. If however we use the power of our soul mind in our Crone phase to vision something new, we change the very foundations that caused the creation of the outer patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour.

To daydream the things we love in the Crone phase is
to work with the roots of our being.
When we change the nourishment to the roots,
then the plant grows in a different way.

This month, in your Crone time – change your life. Curl up on the sofa and dream your ideal job, your ideal home, the partner you would love to have, and all the things in your current life that make your heart sing with joy. Nourish the roots of your life once a month and see how you change and grow in harmony with the love that you pour into them.

The second amazing experience that happens when we spend Crone-time day-dreaming the future is that the Universe responds. At soul level there is no difference between the individual soul and the universal soul. The Crone that lies within us is the same as the Universal Crone Mother outside of our self.

So the visions and inner joy and love that we feel in our Crone-time day-dreams are also expressed energetically in the world outside of our self. What happens within, happens without. This means that our Crone-time offers us a beautiful and sacred opportunity to co-create our heart’s desires with the Universe.

In our Crone-time the Universe is simply waiting for us
to tell Her what we would love Her to create.

In your next bleeding, take a little time each day to relax and dream the impossible. You do not need to know how you will achieve your dream, just feel the joy and love as you imagine it in your life.

Message for the menstrual phase from “Spiritual Messages for Women”

Everything you are, do, think, feel and say
is part of the Divine Feminine.
Your presence enriches her.
Your thoughts and emotions enrich her.
And she enriches you.

*’Crone’ is an English word for a very old, magical woman.

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es