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Red Moon, White Moon and the Womb Blessing

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Womb Bowl and Red Moon Cycle

Womb Bowl and Red Moon Cycle

In my book ‘Red Moon – Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle’ I introduce two terms, the Red Moon cycle and the White Moon cycle.The White Moon cycle is a menstrual cycle where our phase of ovulation is around the time of the full moon. The Red Moon cycle is experienced when our menstruation occurs around the time of the full moon, and our ovulation at the time of the dark moon. Many women’s cycles tend to be either a White Moon cycle, a Red Moon cycle, or a Transition cycle where the cycle is moving from one orientation to the other.

Because the Worldwide Womb Blessing events occur at the time of the full moon, women have been asking me if there is any difference if they are bleeding or ovulating.

Your phase doesn’t make any difference to the energy of the Blessing, but it does make a difference to how you experience the energy. Each of our phases has an impact on our perception, feelings, needs, desires, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. How we feel during the Blessing and how we experience the meditation and the energy will depend on the phase we are in at the time. Experiencing the Blessing during bleeding can be deeply spiritual and we can naturally reach deeper levels of meditation at this time. Experiencing the Blessing while ovulating can be deeply loving and expansive and we can naturally feel connected to and loving towards all the women meditating at this time. For the ovulating woman, the ‘Sharing’ meditation at the end of the Blessing can be deeply heartfelt, connecting and soulful.

Those women who are pre-menstrual or menstrual at the time of the Womb Blessing may find that they feel tired and emotional afterwards. This is because our body naturally declines in physical energy in these phases and needs more rest. Integrating the Blessing energy takes physical energy, so we can experience an even greater need for rest in these phases. If we fight this need we may become irritable, more emotionally sensitive, frustrated and aggressive.

The menstrual phase is also a time of natural detox for us and the Blessing can also create a slight detox effect. If we are bleeding during the Blessing we can experience more of the detox symptoms, so we need to drink more water and eat healthily.

The Womb Blessing heals each of the phases of our menstrual cycle, but if we repress them or fight them we can overwhelm the experiences of the Blessing.

To find out more about living in harmony with your cycle you can always read my books ‘Red Moon’ or ‘The Optimized Woman’. See

You may wish to express your phase during the Womb Blessing. You may want to choose a red candle if you are bleeding, wear a red shawl, and have seeds or nuts to symbolise your withdrawn energies. If you are ovulating you could choose a white candle and wear a white shawl. Use white flowers to express your radiant energies flowing into the world. You may also place a crystal in the Womb Bowl holding the water. Put a Moonstone or Rose Quartz if you are ovulating, and Carnelian or Red Jasper if you are bleeding. If you can’t find crystals, you could add a little red fruit juice to your water as a symbol of your bleeding.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy your cycles and the womb Blessings! If you haven’t registered a time yet for 2nd August please go to

(Note: even if you have taken part in previous womb blessings, it’s important to register a time for the August Blessing so that you are on my list to receive the energy directly).

There are so many women living in disharmony and distress, unconnected to their female energies and the Divine Feminine; please help by spreading the Womb Blessing invitation, creating a Womb Blessing group or translating this text into as many languages as possible!

This post is also available in: en fr