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Rainbow woman – colours and the archetypes

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Rainbow Woman
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Have you ever bought an article of clothing because you loved the colour – and then a few weeks later you hated the colour? Ever wondered why?

At the time of buying, your inner female archetype was telling you that she needed this colour to support her energies – but later, in your next phase, the associated archetype needed something different.

What we wear influences our energies. Wearing pink brings pink energy into the aura; wearing yellow brings yellow vibration into our aura. When we are depleted in a vibration, we can crave certain colours – noticing them more around us and wanting to wear them – to bring the energy into our aura.

Each of the four female archetypes – Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Crone – resonate with particular colour vibrations. These are colours that express the energies of the archetype, and that enhance and restore their energies if they are depleted.

But our archetypes can also desire colours for specific healing and support. For example, a woman out of touch with the spirituality of the Maiden archetype (pre-ovulation phase) may feel drawn to wear purple in this phase, or an overwhelmed Enchantress (pre-menstrual phase) may need red to bring a bit more life-energy, black to bring protection, and some deep pink to create more empathy and love.

Combined colours bring a more complex vibration; for example, the colour peach is a combination of the individuality and outward power of yellow softened by the pink of love and altruism.

The colours we are attracted to in our different phases help us

  1. to understand and express the archetype’s energies,
  2. to discover what our inner archetype needs to heal and to become balanced and fulfilled on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The relationship between colours and the archetypes is personal, but we often share experiences in common. Below are some suggestions – and the exercise will help you to explore more deeply your own personal archetype colour needs and associations!

ColourSome properties and associationsSuggestions for Archetype alignment
Black Inward focus, protection, receptive female energies, void, potential, universal oneness. Crone-Mother.
RedBlood, life, power, grounding, belonging, nourishment, physical body. Mother.Crone.
OrangeCreativity, sexual energy, vibrancy, flow, desire, emotional ego. Maiden.Dark orange / brown: Enchantress.Peach: Mother. 
YellowVibrancy, positive thoughts, self-belief, strength, action, joy. Bright yellow: Maiden.Golden yellow: Mother.
GreenPersonal love, nature, empathy, compassion, abundance. Mother.
PinkUnconditional love, universal love, authenticity, innocence. Mother.Pale pink: Maiden. 
BlueSelf-expression, creative expression, truth, artistic abilities. Mother.Pale blue: Maiden.
Indigo (dark blue)Intuition, psychic abilities, release, freedom. Enchantress.
VioletSpiritual awareness, inner wisdom, universal connection. Enchantress.
Dark purple: Crone
WhiteDynamic femininity, abundance, radiance, all colours expressed through their highest values, universal consciousness. Bright-Mother.

A colourful exercise!

Every day this month, ask yourself the following questions and make a note in a Moon Dial.

To find a Moon Dial see

  1. What colour/s attract you today?
  2. What colour/s do you want to wear today?
  3. Which phase are you in?
    (Maiden pre-ovulation phase, Mother ovulation phase, Enchantress pre-menstrual phase, Crone menstrual phase.)
  4. Why do you think your archetype wants this colour?
  5. You may like to carry one of the Inner Archetype cards from “Red Moon – The Oracle” to bring the archetype-associated colours into your aura.

Do the exercise again for a second month, and notice which colours remain the same – these are colours that are in alignment with your archetypes – and which colours change – these are specific colour vibrations needed by your archetype at that time.

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es