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Awakening our sacred sexuality – the Magdalene centre

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Our ‘authentic femininity’ refers to the female energies we were born with before the layers of conditioning imposed by our upbringing and society buried it in layers of restrictions and expectations. It is the blueprint of our sacred sexuality, the flowing rhythm of our female energy and female soul that lies within the womb energy centre. In the Womb Blessing we call this centre the Cauldron centre or Magdalene Centre.

Our sacred sexuality consists of four female energies and archetypes – these are universal energies and symbols which women embody regardless of culture, language or spirituality. Many women do not realise the importance of their Magdalene centre as the home of their female soul, the source of their empowerment and their expression of their soul’s spirituality in the world. Each of the four energies that we embody hold different levels of consciousness, different creative energies, different sexual energies and different spiritual energies, and if we are Cyclic Women – women with a menstrual cycle – we dance a beautiful path each month from the Cosmos to the world, from the soul to the sensual, and from the Divine Mother to the Earth Mother. If we no longer have a physical cycle we can still dance this path to the rhythm of the Moon.

Sadly, many women are disconnected from their Magdalene centre. Whether they have a cycle or not, a womb or not, the desire to have children or not, the Magdalene centre affects their life. In the Womb Blessing we activate the three main female energy centres – including the Magdalene centre – to help women to reconnect to aspects of their authentic femininity and sacred sexuality that have been repressed or dormant. The Womb Blessing is a path of a return to oneness, a path of remembering what it means to be feminine and a path of awakening our authentic femininity in all its forms and living a fully female conscious life.

A young girl approached the Magdalene at the well where she was collecting water for her mother.

‘Lady’ she said as she noticed the Magdalene’s beautifully plaited hair ‘how do I do my hair like yours?’

‘Ah child’ she said smiling ‘you do not do your own hair; you ask another woman to do it, and then you help her to do hers.’

The Womb Blessing is not just about bringing our own sacred sexuality into the world, it is also about helping women to awaken theirs. Each Worldwide Womb Blessing is both a gift of Sacred Feminine energy to help us to awaken aspects of our authentic femininity and a gift for us to share with all other women.

We know when we are living in tune with our sacred sexuality because we feel centred and empowered, we feel loving and caring, we feel creative and inspired, we feel dynamic and receptive, we feel spiritual and sexy and we feel our soul and body in harmony. The world is a masculine place which through its pressures, stresses and expectations disconnects us regularly from out Magdalene centre, our soul and our sacredness. The Womb Blessing offers us a female sanctuary, the opportunity to sit for a short while in the presence of the Sacred Feminine and to feel and know our sacredness and our authentic female nature.

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This post is also available in: en fr