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A Message from Miranda

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Worldwide Womb Blessing
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The Worldwide Womb Blessing today felt like a homecoming. In the midst of all the changes in the world and our growing worries, our souls have called us back to the sanctuary of our feminine energies to remind us that we women are strong, grounded in the Earth, blessed by the Moon, part of Nature, and part the cycles of the Universe.

In the light of the Womb Blessing we find a sanctuary, a moment to remember and truly realise who we are – sensual, creative, and adaptable women. And when we see this, then the circumstances around us change to moments of creative potential to be met with feminine power and confidence.

The Womb Blessing flows through us during the Worldwide Womb Blessing, but then it continues to work on our four Archetypes during the month afterwards – healing, clearing, and awakening aspects of ourselves. During this month we can discover new gifts and energies and develop a relationship with our femininity deeper than we have experienced before.

And our true strength comes from the call of our soul to walk the path that brings us love and joy and a sense of belonging – because we belong to the Earth and to the Moon, to our families and communities, and to the Divine Feminine.

We each have something beautiful to offer the world, and the world around us is full of magic and wonder.

Thank you, Womb Blessing, for this moment where we can remember who we are, feel the strength of belonging, step back into alignment with love, and walk the path we are meant to walk.

Love and blessings


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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es