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A Message from Miranda Gray

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A Message from Miranda Gray
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I love putting things away after the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

There is the quiet feeling of satisfaction and love and gratitude that the Blessing is something that I can offer women to help them in their lives. There is also a feeling of gentle restoration. The day itself is a physical challenge, but there is also a lot of work before Blessing day in creating the newsletters, posting reminders, and looking after the registration processes (my deep thanks to all the helpers who are involved in these processes!)

So today feels like the end of a Christmas meal – you have had the hectic time of gift shopping, you have cooked the meal and everyone is full, and now you sit with a cup of hot chocolate and a gingerbread (or mince pie in the UK) and feel contentment.

As I put my Womb Blessing items away, it was strange to think that the next time I offer the Worldwide Womb Blessing my decorations, flowers, and colours will reflect the first spark of the Maiden energies returning to the land – and also that the next Blessing will be the start of the 10th Anniversary year.

As I lovingly wrap my Womb Bowls I feel the joy of the path of these 10 years – from the first women to join me on 1st February 2012 and the first Moon Mother students in London in April 2012, to everyone who took part yesterday and to all the Moon Mothers now taught by the Level 1 Teachers.

As I place my Moon Mother shawl in my drawer, I feel so much gratitude for the past 10 years – but I also feel a spark of excitement at what the Maiden will bring us in February and how the Womb Blessing will Flow into the future.

The world is changing – how wonderful to be female at this time and to walk a path to make that change better for all women.

Thank you everyone for being with me during this Worldwide Womb Blessing. Thank you for your sharing of love and energy with each other and with the women of the world. It is always a deep an honour and a privilege.

Love and hugs

Miranda x

Please register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing on the 16th February 2022

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es