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A message from Miranda – August 2022

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A Message from Miranda
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I love how much the Womb Blessing is a female sanctuary in our busy modern lives. On Blessing Day, it becomes very obvious to me how much we accept things as normal – the stress of life, disconnection from our cyclic nature and female energies, the misdirected expectations and our misalignment from our soul and the Divine Feminine.

But in the sanctuary of the Womb Blessing, the Divine Feminine takes all of this away and returns us to what we should be accepting as normal – inner strength, grounding, love, abundance, inner knowing, and the security and calm that comes from alignment with our soul and the divine. In just twenty minutes the Divine Feminine re-establishes her ‘normal’ within us.

But what do we do? Oh, we find other things to do instead of taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing. We resist the beauty of the sanctuary because it can be too overwhelming, or because in our hearts we weep with desire to feel like this all the time, and we fear the crashing disappointment as the sanctuary seems to fade and modern life re-asserts itself.

But what we can do is the Moon Breathing exercise, and record our experiences (find the meditation and charting table in the Worldwide Womb Blessing download section at the bottom of ‘How to take part’). This way we can have our own personal daily sanctuary, and by noticing our experiences we will remember the beautiful energies and will be motivated to have even more in each Worldwide Womb Blessing 😊

Love and blessings


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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es