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A chat with Miranda over a cup of tea

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Miranda Gray
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What are you planning for the 10th Anniversary Year?

I love the creative energies that are flowing for the 10th Anniversary Year!

I am writing a “Circle of Sisters Full Moon Meditation” for each Full Moon in 2022. It’s a lot of fun (and learning) to write these new meditations to explore and express our beautiful female energies under the light of the Full Moon. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I am loving these meditations!

I have also written four new Archetype Meditations for the Worldwide Womb Blessing where you can meet the Archetype of the season and feel their presence and energies.

With the help of Teachers Vanessa and Bettina, the Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletter artists, and our volunteer translators, we have created an online ‘advent’ calendar called The Moonlit Path. From the 20th January, every day you can open a window and receive the gift of an inspirational quote or a new meditation to prepare you for the February Blessing.

I know many Moon Mothers and Womb Blessing groups are preparing events for 2022. We have a form for you to find an event or to promote your own Womb Blessing event! (Link here)

As 2022 will be an Enchantress year, expect to see a lot of creativity and inspiration in the community!

Why is the focus of next year on The Circle of Sisters?

The ‘Circle of Sisters’ is very much at the heart of the Womb Blessing. Through our wombs, our menstrual cycles, our life experiences of being female, and our expression of the Four Female Archetypes, we are all sisters through our womb energy centre. Our connection with each other is a circle because we are cyclic in nature, because we reflect the wholeness of the Full Moon and the Earth, and because we are all equal under the light of the Moon.

The ‘Circle of Sisters’ is also the heartfelt desire for women to come together to create beyond expectations by working with other women in a uniquely female way.

You have mentioned that next year is an Enchantress year. What does this mean?

Each year the influencing Archetype of the Worldwide Womb Blessing changes. In the first year we had the dynamic energies of the Maiden, in the second year we had the creative and nurturing energies of the Mother, in the third year the releasing and inspired energies of the Enchantress, and in the fourth year the restorative and spiritual energies of the Crone. Then the cycle repeats.

2022 is an Enchantress year for the Blessing, and this means we have the influence of the wonderful Enchantress Archetype energies of powerful inspiration and impulsive creativity, deep spiritual and intuitive abilities, a wild sexual energy, and a need to clear away the old and make space for the new.

How will you be spending the day of the Worldwide Womb Blessing 10th Anniversary?

For me Blessing Day on the 16th February will be a simple and gentle day of love, gratitude and celebration.

I plan to go out into the Forest between the 12.00 and 18.00 Blessings to visit a ‘Womb Tree’ and to offer wild bird seed to the Earth Mother. It is a way for me to say ‘thank you’ for the amazing path that I am walking. I will say my wishes and prayers for the years ahead as I tie small pieces of cloth on the twigs. They will be wishes for all women, for the Earth, for the Moon Mothers, and for the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

After the 18.00 Blessing I am planning to enjoy a wonderful meal with my husband to thank him for all his generous and loving help and support for the Womb Blessing over the past 10 years.

Finally in the darkness after the midnight Blessing, I will rest with the Crone Mother and listen for her wisdom in my heart, to know the way ahead and to accept the deep changes she has made to me during the Blessings.

What is your dream for the next 10 years?

My dream is to be able to travel again to visit the beautiful women and places of the Womb Blessing, to explore sacred places, to write all the books in my heart that desire to be written, to paint the card decks and paintings that ask to be born, to teach workshops from the love and joy of my heart and womb, and to follow the Flow so that my work helps women to awaken to their full female power.

Not much! But if we aim for the stars, we can reach the Moon 😊

And a few fun questions…

What is your favourite biscuit?

Being gluten-free and lactose intolerant, it limits what I can have – but, in my dreams, my favourite biscuit is a large soft white-chocolate-chunk cookie fresh out of the oven!

How do you drink your tea?

Usually, and unintentionally, cold! I love green tea, especially a good quality Sencha tea. But often I drink the first half of the cup and then I get so focused on my work that I forget it! Later I end up drinking some of it cold.

I love having the perfect green tea at the right temperature and the time to relax and to enjoy the flavour.

What is the strangest place you have ever taught a workshop? 

In a crematorium!

I was teaching in Canada and the venue was a newly built crematorium. It was a beautiful building with high ceilings, and the main room had floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto a snow-covered landscape of trees.

It was quite a strange but beautiful space to be in, but it had the best sound system I have ever had in a workshop!

Two days after the workshop it opened for use, and at the end of the workshop my students and I placed energy and symbols into the room to care for those who would come into the space for the memorials and funerals.

Where in the world would you really like to teach?

Oh the list is so long! I can’t mention everywhere but I would love to teach in Iceland, Hawaii, Singapore, Bali, Easter Island… there seems to be an island theme!

But I am very happy to travel to teach wherever there are women who would like to have me visit!

What gives you special joy?

Experiencing the world!

I love my curiosity, my creativity, my spirituality, my sensuality, and having a mind that notices detail. It makes the world such a wonderous place for me!

Please register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing on the 16th February 2022

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