Code of Practice

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Moon Mothers® are women who have completed a Moon Mother® practitioner workshop as taught by Miranda Gray, or by one of her certificated and authorised Teachers, and have received the qualification certificate.

1. Moon Mothers® shall have respect for the religious, spiritual, and social views of any individual irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender or sexual orientation. 

2. Moon Mothers® shall always conduct themselves in an honourable and polite manner in their relations with their clients, the public and with other Moon Mothers®. Proper moral conduct must always be paramount in all Moon Mother® relations with others.

3. The relationship between a Moon Mother® and her client is that of a professional with a client. 

4. A Moon Mother®’s attitude with a client must be competent and sympathetic, hopeful and positive, thus encouraging an uplift in the client’s mental outlook. 

5. Moon Mothers® must respect the confidentiality of anything their client shares with them and adhere to the data protection laws of their country.

6. Moon Mothers® must never claim to ‘cure’, diagnose or prescribe. The possible benefits of the Womb Blessing® Attunement and Womb Healing exercises and any other authorised Moon Mother® activities may be described. Moon Mothers® must always advise the client to see a professional medical practitioner if a medical diagnosis is required.

7. Moon Mothers® should ensure that they themselves are medically, physically and psychologically fit to practise. 

8. Moon Mothers® with qualifications in other energy care practices may offer them before or after giving Womb Blessing® Attunements and Womb Healings but they may not include them as part of a Womb Blessing® Attunement or a Womb Healing. 

9. Moon Mothers® must keep confidential any client notes.

10. Moon Mothers® must have appropriate and adequate insurance to practise in accordance with the laws of their country.

11. Moon Mothers® must not contradict instructions or prescriptions given by a professional medical practitioner. 

12. Moon Mothers® must not give Womb Blessing® Attunements to girls who have not experienced their first menstruation or to women who are beyond halfway through their pregnancy. Moon Mothers® with Doula or midwifery or medical qualifications may give Womb Blessing® Attunements to a client throughout the pregnancy and immediately after childbirth. Young girls over seven years old may receive the Womb Healing.

13. Advertising which refers to the status of ‘Moon Mother®’ and to ‘Womb Blessing® Attunement’‘Womb Healing’ and related activities, must be dignified in tone and shall not claim to cure any disease etc. 

14. Before a Womb Healing or a Womb Blessing® Attunement, Moon Mothers® must explain what will happen. Afterwards they must supply the client with the documentation provided by Miranda Gray. 

15. Mothers® may charge an appropriate fee for both Womb Blessing® Attunements and Womb Healings, either as separate therapies or in association with another therapy.  

16. Moon Mothers® have the right to refuse a client a Womb Healing or a Womb Blessing® Attunement.

17. Moon Mothers® may offer the Womb Blessing® Attunement as a healing therapy or as personal development, spiritual practice, spiritual support or celebration.

18. Moon Mothers® are not entitled to create or teach other Moon Mothers® without the required Level 1 Moon Mother® Teacher Training provided by Miranda Gray.

19. Moon Mothers® will meet all the legal requirements for practising Womb Blessing® Attunements and Womb Healings in their country.

20. Moon Mothers® are expected to manage their personal issues with other Moon Mothers® with respect, tolerance and politeness, and to resolve differences in private without involving other Moon Mothers® or the public in the dispute. Moon Mothers® must take positive and timely action to create a solution and harmony.

21. Moon Mothers® will always present the Womb Blessing® and the Womb Blessing® System to the public, to their clients and to the Moon Mother® community in a positive manner. They will be quick to amend any information that they are informed is inaccurate or misrepresentational and to make the public aware of these amendments.

22. Moon Mothers® will not take any action that will harm in any way the local, national or international identity and status of the Womb Blessing®, the Womb Blessing® System and Moon Mothers®, or harm the Womb Blessing® System’s organisation, volunteers or Moon Mothers®. 

23. General complaints are managed by the Moon Weaver Circle.

24. Moon Mothers® who do not adhere to this Code of Practice, or to the Practitioner Authorisations and Womb Blessing® Vision may be subjected to a Formal Complaint. A copy of the Formal Complaint form is available on request. The Moon Mother® who is the subject of the complaint will be sent a copy of the Formal Complaint and given the opportunity to defend the complaint. If the Formal Complaint is upheld by Miranda, the Moon Mother® will receive a warning. If a second complaint is upheld by Miranda the Moon Mother® involved will lose all authorisation and copyright permission to practise as a Moon Mother®, to be called a Moon Mother® and offer Womb Blessings®, and will no longer have permission to access or use any of the material associated with being a Moon Mother®. Miranda’s decision in these cases is final.

January 2020