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A Summary of the Womb Blessing® System

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Level 1 Moon Mother®:   

  • Level 1 “Female Energy Awakening” Womb Blessing®
  • Level 1 Womb Healing
  • Level 1 Cauldron Energiser
  • Moon Mother® Full Moon Meditation
  • Level 1 Worldwide Womb Blessing® sending

Level 2 Moon Mother®: 

  • Level 2 “Female Energy Awakening into Love” Womb Blessing®
  • Moon Mother® symbol healing at a distance.
  • Self-Blessing
  • The Gift for Men
  • Additional practices: Creating a sacred space, creating a Womb Blessing® altar and how to make an offering
  • Level 2 Womb Healing
  • Level 2 Female Soul Healing
  • Level 2 Cauldron Energiser
  • Level 2 Worldwide Womb Blessing®

Level 3 Moon Mother®: 

  • Level 3 “Female Energy Awakening into Light” Womb Blessing®
  • Level 3 “Opening to Sacredness” Womb Blessing®
  • Level 3 “Opening to Peace” Womb Blessing®
  • “Maiden” Womb Blessing®
  • “Mother”Womb Blessing®
  • “Enchantress” Womb Blessing®
  • “Crone” Womb Blessing®
  • Level 3 Archetype Energisers
  • Self-support meditations
  • Level 3 Womb Healing
  • Level 3 Female Soul Healing
  • Level 3 Worldwide Womb Blessing®


Other Moon Mother®workshops:

Moon Mother® Mentor Advanced Workshop: 
Requirement: level 2 or above

Introduction to the Cyclic Woman concept
Identification of out-of-balance archetype energies
Co -creation of tailored-activities each month in alignment with the archetype energies to bring restoration of vitality and harmony
Mentoring a woman with specific help as she begins to live a more cyclic life

Apprenticeship: Moon Mother® Level 1 workshop Teacher Training  

Requirements: An Advanced Moon Mother® providing Blessings® and Healings, English speaker, experience in workshop teaching, runs groups or has a women’s network, has a self-employed business and is committed to travelling in her country to teach for at least 5 years. An application questionnaire can be requested. Training can take 8 – 12 months and involves travelling to workshops in other countries as an Observer.

Workshops for all women and recommended for all Moon Mothers®

  • Red Moon workshop with Miranda or a qualified facilitator*
  • Optimized Woman workshop with Miranda
  • Meeting the Crone workshopwith Miranda

Workshop and guidance run by authorised Moon Mothers®:

  • *Red Moon workshop including an introduction to the four female archetypes with interactive exercises, sharing and a group archetype healing
  • Moon Mother® Technique Training for level 1 / 2 Moon Mothers®(workshops or one-to-one training) to update Moon Mothers® on information and practices from the new format  workshops, to help new Moon Mothers to build confidence
  • Complementary workshop for level 1 / 2 / Advanced Moon Mothers® offering Moon Mother® Technique Training plus an introduction to the material in the book ‘Female energy Awakening’ and to the archetype energies
  • Womb Blessing ® introduction workshop for all women interested in the Womb Blessing® and only facilitated by authorised Womb Blessing® Ambassadors.
This post is also available in: en ca hr cs da nl fr it ja de lt nb pl pt-br pt-pt ro sv es ru sk sl tr cy