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The Worldwide Womb Blessing with Miranda Gray

La Womb Blessing in tutto il mondo è disponibile gratuitamente per tutte le donne di tutto il mondo, indipendentemente dal background, dall’età o dalle condizioni fisiche.

Per partecipare, basta registrare il tuo nome e uno dei quattro “tempi scelti” e riceverai un link per scaricare tutte le istruzioni e le meditazioni. Non è necessario l’accesso a Internet per partecipare.

Unisciti a noi e diventa parte di un risveglio globale e di una guarigione! Registrati ora!

Cosa devi sapere sulla registrazione

Per registrarti, inserisci semplicemente il tuo nome, indirizzo email, l’ora prescelta e la lingua preferita nel modulo di registrazione e sarai indirizzato a una pagina web di conferma con i dettagli su dove scaricare gratuitamente istruzioni, documenti di meditazione e altre risorse. Se è la prima volta che si registra per una Benedizione del Grembo Mondiale, verrà inviata anche una e-mail di conferma.

Ricordati di scegliere la tua lingua preferita – dove possibile cercheremo di rendere disponibili tutte le comunicazioni e le informazioni in questa lingua.


The Worldwide Womb Blessing is run by volunteers, and the administrative costs are paid for by donations and by founder Miranda Gray.

I would like to make a donation to support the work of the Worldwide Womb Blessing

Day / month / year

5/2/2023 5/5/2023 1/8/ 2023 28/10/ 2023 27/12/2023 – Moon Mothers only

Any woman, whatever her physical condition. Young girls can take part as long as they have had first menstruation.

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The Worldwide Womb Blessing is given at four times on Worldwide Womb Blessing Day:

12.00 (UK time) 18.00 (UK time) 24.00 (UK time)

To convert the chosen times to the local times in your country, either see link to a conversion website or contact your Country Co-ordinator / Area Representative or a local Moon Mother for help.

You are welcome to join in at more than one time, but the Womb Blessing attunement will be sent to you specifically at the time you indicate on your registration form.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is offered by Miranda Gray at four times in the same day to make it as accessible as possible to most women round the world. The times given are based in the UK because Miranda is based in the UK!

Ask a Country Co-ordinator or a local Moon Mother for help with time zone conversion.

Registration usually closes at 22.00 UK time on the night day before the Worldwide Womb Blessing Day.

Because of the amount of work that Miranda needs to do on the day, it is unfortunately not possible to accept registrations on the day of the Blessing itself.


Yes, you need to register separately for each Worldwide Womb Blessing that you wish to participate in, so that we know when you will be meditating ready to receive Womb Blessing attunement.
No, at the moment the registration software only allows you to register for one time.

You are welcome to join in at more than one time, but the Womb Blessing attunement will be sent to you specifically at the time you indicate on your registration form.

The email address is needed for several reasons:

  • We use your name and email address to send you the Womb Blessing attunement. Your email address provides us with a unique identifier – we could have two women with the same name in the same country, but they will have different email addresses.
  • Registration is based on email address, so a name without an email doesn’t get recorded.
  • We will send you an email reminder newsletter about a month before the next Worldwide Womb blessing, an email reminder to register about 2 weeks before, and a registration confirmation email about 2-3 days before.

We do not share your email with third parties, and we are very aware of the honour and trust of having your details.

Registration for each Worldwide Womb blessing day usually opens about 2 – 3 days after the previous Blessing Day. (It is a hectic time and we need a little break afterwards!)

What to do on the day

Taking part is easy:

  1. Simply register for one of the four available times before registration closes (usually 22.00 UK time, the day before). Register now
  2. After registration you will be given a link to a download page, and if it is your first time registering for a Worldwide Womb Blessing you will also receive an email containing this link (please check your spam box if you don’t see it).
  3. Download the ‘How to take part in the Womb Blessing’ pdf document, which contains the main meditations, and the ‘Archetype meditations’ pdf. You may like to do the pre-Womb Blessing meditation in the days before the Blessing day.
  4. Two or three days before the Worldwide Womb blessing you will receive a confirmation email reminding you of the link to the download page.

To take part, you will need two small bowls, a small candle and something to light it, some water, a shawl, a cushion, and something to eat after the Blessing. If you are taking the Blessing on your own, you will need a quiet place where you can meditate for 30-40 minutes.

On Womb Blessing day:

  • Make sure you have your two small bowls, a small candle and something to light it, some water, a shawl, a cushion, and something to eat after the Blessing.
  • At your chosen time, read the Womb Blessing Meditation (or listen to an audio from the download page) and sit for approximately 20 minutes to receive the attunement.
  • Do the Sharing Meditation for 10 minutes.
  • Do the Earth-Yoni Meditation for 10 minutes.
  • Do the Archetype Meditation for 5-10 minutes.
  • Have something to eat, and celebrate the beautiful energies that lie in your womb energy centre and body!

(This order changes slightly for the August Womb Blessing)

A little help in getting everything ready! wwWBchecklist-english.pdf

You will only need internet access to register and to download the instructions and meditations – you do not need to be online to take part.

You will need PDF reader software to open the meditation and instruction documents.

Downloads – not just the Worldwide Womb Blessing meditation and instructions, but also audio tracks and additional meditations.

Newsletter – email newsletters and articles, about a month before each Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Email reminder – send about 2 weeks before each Worldwide Womb Blessing, containing a ‘First woman’ story written by Miranda. A final email reminder is sent out 2-3 days before the Blessing Day

The Worldwide Womb Blessing consist of a number of meditations to help you awaken, embrace and heal your female energies: the Womb Blessing Meditation to receive the Womb blessing attunement, the Sharing Meditation, the Earth-Yoni Meditation and the Archetype Meditations.

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No, you can take part on your own from anywhere in the world. But it is beautiful to be able to share this experience with friends or family, or with other like-minded women in the many Worldwide Womb Blessing Groups. Find a group
Yes – running a group is easy, see How to run a group.

Creating a group with other women is a beautiful way for us all to receive the strength and companionship we need to stay true to our female nature in our everyday life. We can also feel more energy and experience deeper healing and change when we receive the Worldwide Womb Blessing in a group of other women

The Worldwide Womb Blessing begins a process of healing and awakening through the four female archetypes. It feels good to follow this process as we travel through our menstrual cycle – or through the lunar cycle if you do not have a physical cycle – by keeping a journal and noting your changes. We start to see how we are growing and enjoy the effect on our cycle and life. See What to do after my Worldwide Womb Blessing.

You can also help inspire other women to receive the Womb Blessing and spread the awakening around the world! See Spread the word!

I need help!

We have all done this! Simply re-register. This will replace your previous registration.
Don’t worry, just re-register and put your new time. This will replace your previous registration.
We understand how busy life is, and you can still take part.

  1. Register a chosen time.
  2. Do the Womb Blessing Meditation any time AFTER your chosen time.

You will still receive the Blessing, but as you will not be connected to all the other women taking part on Blessing Day you won’t receive the full experience.

Don’t worry, simply re-register and you will see a confirmation page with the link to the download site. Bookmark this page so you can check the download page at any time.
If you are on your own: If you have taken part in a previous Worldwide Womb Blessing you will already have the download documents. Choose a time and take part in all the meditations.

You will have a lovely experience, but you won’t receive the Blessing and you won’t be connected through the Womb-link to all the other women taking part.

If you are in a group: Tell your group organiser and she can provide you with the meditations. You can still take part in the meditations with the group and have a beautiful experience, but you will not receive the Womb Blessing Attunement. If your organiser is a Moon Mother or there is a Moon Mother in the group, you could ask her to arrange a Personal Womb Blessing for you.

Remember to register early for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing.

In a lot of countries we have Country Co-ordinators, Country contacts and Area Representatives to help you, and their contact details are on Contacts and enquires

If you do not have a country Co-ordinator or Country Contact for your own country, you are very welcome to contact those in other countries who speak your language.

You can also post an enquiry on the many Facebook pages – see Resources