Miranda’s Personal Team

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Miranda’s ‘Personal Team’ includes the International Moon Mother Admin Team, the Moon Mother Workshop Teachers, Complementary Workshop Facilitators and Moon Mother Technique Trainers, and Womb Blessing Ambassador, who she works with very closely.

There are a few additional people who are part of Miranda’s team:

Veronica Morosi

In particular, she has support and assistance from Moon Mother level 1 Teacher Veronica Morosi who has worked with both Miranda and her husband Richard from the very early start of the Worldwide Womb Blessing, helping with all aspects of producing and sending the newsletters and emails. The Womb Blessing would not have reached so many women without the help and commitment of this amazing woman.

Shila Jassal

Miranda also would not be able to teach worldwide if she did not have the help and organisational support from MM Shila, her Workshop Organiser Manager. Sometimes this can be a challenging role, but Shila helps with love and patience – especially with Miranda!

Richard Gray

Miranda’s main support is from Richard, who has worked with the Womb Blessing from the first idea and inspiration back in 2011. Richard is involved in the technical aspects of Worldwide Womb Blessing registration, of the website development and social media. He manages workshop organiser questions and emails, he edits all Miranda’s writing, from books to articles and interviews, he is Miranda’s executive assistant organising accommodation and flights, and travels with Miranda helping to setup workshop venues, carry bags and support the organisers, Moon Mothers and publishers. Richard edited Miranda’s first book Red Moon back in 1994, so he is a man who has lived with a Cyclic Woman for many years.

Miranda would not be able to take her work and her vision worldwide if it wasn’t for the support and enabling force that Richard brings. Every Moon Mother in the world, every Womb Blessing given in the world, happens because of his love and strength and commitment and passion.

Moon Mother® Workshop Organisers

And we would not have the amazing international family of Moon Mothers around the world if it were not for the Moon Mother workshop organisers, past and present. These are women who are passionate about the Womb Blessing and who work hard to encourage and inspire women to take the first step on a soul-path of being a Moon Mother. They are often Moon Mothers themselves but not always. They can be in a big city or on a small island, somewhere without Moon Mothers or somewhere there are already Moon Mothers.

‘My Moon Mother workshop organisers are the voice of the Divine Feminine saying ‘Now is the time to teach here’. I never plan where I will teach, instead I follow the Flow and wait to be invited. ‘ Miranda

If you are interested in becoming a workshop organiser and you already have a group of women interested, please contact: enquiries@wombblessing.com

For the list of current workshops, see the Calendar Page.

list of current workshops