Worldwide Womb Blessings at 18.00 and 24.00, 25th May 2013

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The Moon tonight in the South of England is amazing. As I sit and type I see her face through my window. Tonight it was a wonderful experience to be without the candles for the Blessing and to be bathed in her silver-white light.

The 18.00 Womb Blessing always has the largest number of women joining and the energy flowed in beauty and love. There is always so much energy shared throughout the World after the Blessing as we connect woman-to-woman to embrace the Earth. There is no force, no will, just the simple, gentle, loving connection between us and the flow of peace, well-being and love from the presence of the Divine Feminine.

In our busy lives the Divine Feminine gives us the beautiful gift of the Blessing as a moment of peace, of acceptance, of connection to Her presence within us. She reminds us what it is to be feminine. She reminds us to drop the emotional baggage, the mental worries, the wants and needs, and to simply dance in the Moonlight, focused on our body, in the moment at peace with ourselves and the World.

Thank you Mother for this wonderful gift.

Help us to remember it in our hectic lives and in a World that doesn’t recognize our cyclic nature. Help us to awaken to our authentic femininity, to accept our cyclic gifts, and to express this nature and these gifts in the world. We are the Moon on Earth – seen as our phase and never as the whole cycle until we transform into the ‘Complete Woman’ of menopause.

In the Moonlight of the last Blessing there is a silence in the air. It is the same as the reverend hush you get after first snowfall, the lull in the storm, the moment between the in and the out breath and the pivot of the high tide. For a moment the world pauses.

Be at peace.

Love and hugs