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Worldwide Womb Blessing with Moon Mothers at Tulum

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In the jungle near Tulum, Mexico, is a beautiful cenote.

CenoteA cenote is a large hole in the white rock filled with fresh water which is often turquoise blue or emerald green. In the centre of this cenote is an island in the shape of a turtle, symbol of the Great Mother Goddess, the Creatrix of the world.

In February this year during a trip to Mexico my husband visited this cenote and told me of the magic of the place and of the local cave which had been used for women’s rituals.

Tulum has always had a special energy for me; the ancient ruins resonate with the heart centre and the Goddess of the land and sea gives her love and presence so generously. I wanted to visit Tulum again and the only time available in a crowded and hectic schedule was the week of the Worldwide Womb Blessing. The call in my heart was so strong that I decided to see if we could hold the Blessing at the cenote.

I envisaged an image of the cenote being used by Moon Mothers as a ‘Mother Bowl’ to send the worldwide Womb Blessing energy. A spark of inspiration became flight tickets and we sent out an invitation to the Moon Mother Administrators and Representatives around the world to join me at the cenote.

The 17th December, Womb Blessing day, started for me at midnight on the 16th Mexican time with the first sending of the Womb Blessing energy, and the last Womb Blessing at 6pm local time was to be held at the cenote.

Worldwide Womb Blessing 17th DecemberThe weather in December has been unseasonably cold and wet, and we had arrived in Cancun to torrential rain. We were hoping that all would be dry, and when we arrived at the cenote in the afternoon we had sunshine and a few white clouds. A few Moon Mother ‘helpers’ arrived early, including the wonderful and beautiful Norma and Katia from Cancun, and they all crossed the small bridge onto the island to start creating the altar to the ancestors and spirits of the place and the Womb Blessing altar.

The island has a small circular thatched area and we set energy in this space to be a sacred circle for women for the evening. We had a few wonderful men helping us with the event, but the island was kept a women-only space.

Moon Mothers started arriving, and they looked beautiful in their white and red dresses and skirts. It was wonderful for me to hug Moon Mothers I had not seen since February and to meet again Catalina from Paris and Moon Mothers from other countries. Catalina brought with her a funny Eiffel Tower to represent the French Moon Mothers, and we had a lovely drawing sent by the Swiss Moon Mothers to represent them.

In the preparation meditation we connected to the Moon Mothers who had had to cancel, and to all the Moon Mothers around the world, so they were part of our ‘circle of sisters’ that night.

Worldwide Womb Blessing 17th DecemberAll was well until I started the energy preparations on the island, when the heavens opened to a tropical rainstorm. Moon Mothers ran onto the island soaked, and rain dripped through the thatch creating a large puddle in the centre of the circle. It was wonderful, beautiful and magical to see the rain streaming down and to hear the sound of the waterfall into the cenote increase. We were all wet, but it didn’t matter! The Mayan goddess of water was giving us her blessing for the work we were to do.

We were a group of thirty Moon Mothers, and as we started the meditations the sun slowly set. The sacred space was full of copal incense and the whole cenote filled with this beautiful scent.

At 6pm the Moon Mothers started sending the Womb Blessing energy, and when I joined them my experience of the energy was so beautiful. This was the first time I have given the Blessing with Moon Mothers with me, and the effect was amazing. The energy was intensified, and the whole cenote lit up with energy.

I realised that something very beautiful and powerful happens when Moon Mothers come together and the energy released into the world has started something transformational. I now wonder what the effect on the world would be and what would happen if we had 100 Moon Mothers sending together!

The rain didn’t stop throughout the evening, although it lessened towards the end. The Divine Feminine was blessing us and all women taking part with her waters of rebirth, of life and of healing. Through the rain she was cleansing us and asking us to let go of our old emotions and patterns. As the mother turtle she was reminding us to go slowly through life, to find the peace within ourselves and to follow her example of floating in the abundance of life sharing generously of our love and our creative energies. Although we didn’t see the Moon her light was with us throughout the ceremony.

Worldwide Womb Blessing 17th DecemberWe finished with the ‘Circle of Sisters’ meditation and in the circle of light, on the back of the turtle, surrounded by darkness, rain drops, fireflies and copal smoke, it was a truly magical moment.

At the end Moon Mother Lilly danced for us and for the Divine Feminine, and then we all celebrated with our Womb Bowl water and nice, although slightly soggy, food to eat!

Usually at the end of the Worldwide Womb Blessing the energy and network dissipates – but not this time. The Womb Blessing energy anchored into the island and the cenote, and is now a nexus for the energy and for the network of Moon Mothers and women in the Womb Blessing family.

I feel that the energy work we did as Moon Mothers was very important and it is something that we will do again. This experience has inspired me with an image for a painting, and although I now have little time or space at home to paint, I hope that I will be able to make time in January to give expression to the vision.

I would particularly like to thank Belinda who made this whole trip and the event possible. No one really sees all the work she does behind the scenes and it is with deep heartfelt gratitude I give her my love and thanks.

I would also like to thank the ‘helpers’ and ‘smudgers’, and finally the wonderful couple Daniele and Ayram who not only allowed us to use the cenote but also gave so freely of their time and energy to help us create the event. They are guardians of a beautiful and sacred site, and now they are also linked to the Womb Blessing energy.

I would also like to thank Debs who was left behind in the UK to help with the practicalities of the Womb Blessing.

Finally I would like to thank my husband. There are many wonderful men helping to support us in the Womb Blessing. Without my husband’s love, energy and support, I would not be able to offer my service so easily to the Divine Feminine and to the women she calls to me.

I hope you will all join us for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing in February 2014!

Love and hugs

Miranda x