Worldwide Womb Blessing 29th October 24.00

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Doing the Worldwide Womb Blessing is a joy for me. For a whole day I focus on giving the Blessing to women worldwide, something my heart calls me to do. And my other joy is teaching the Moon Mother workshop, giving the Divine Feminine energy to women who can then share it with even more women.

The organising and admin for the Womb Blessing takes a lot of time but the gift in return is the joy of sharing this beautiful energy with you.

I would like to thank everyone who helps me bring the Divine Feminine energy to you.

To the

volunteer translators,
women who spread the invitation,
women who run groups,
women promote the groups and workshops,
workshop organisers,
women who answer the call in their hearts and show so much commitment to attend the workshops,
Moon Mothers who help with questions and give Womb Blessing and Womb Healings and share the Blessing with me on the day,
Country Representatives who support the women in their countries, the local Moon Mothers, the workshop organisers and me,
many women who email questions which make me search inside for the answers,
women who take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessings answering the call to awaken the Divine Feminine in themselves and to share it with others.

And to Belinda who runs the Womb Blessing Ning Community.

And to my husband – without his technical help and email support there would be no Worldwide Womb Blessing. And without his help with administration and organising flights and his taxis trips to the airports there would be no Moon Mothers.

And with his love I have the strength to give.

The hour is late :o) I hope you enjoyed the Womb Blessing and will join me again on the 28th December and perhaps somewhere in the world we will meet at a workshop :o)

Heartfelt love and thanks and hugs