Worldwide Womb Blessing 29th October 18.00

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Oh wow, it was very obvious that the 18.00 Womb Blessing Attunement had the most women worldwide. The energy was so high and fine and beautiful 🙂 The more women who join the Blessing the higher the vibration and the more energy that flows to us – thank you everyone, this was an amazing experience for me!

The sky here is now clear and the Full Moon is high in the sky. For every Worldwide Womb Blessing this year so far the sky has cleared just before or during the midnight Blessing to bathe the room in Moonlight. For English weather this is quite an achievement 🙂

The energies for each Womb Blessing day and each Womb Blessing are always slightly different. Everyone taking part brings something specific to the healing and it isn’t an accident that you are part of the receiving group at your chosen time. We all have something to offer each other in healing. We all hold the Divine Feminine and we can all pass it on through sharing our love. Make the Womb Tree meditation part of your daily life and take the awareness and energy out in to the world. Pass the energy on through a kind word, a touch on a shoulder, a listening ear, a hug, or a caring and supportive act. These are the prayers of the Divine Mother.

I look forward to the last Womb Blessing at midnight 🙂 I will finish by sending energy to everyone taking part today and to all the Moon Mothers. Thank you ladies for taking part today!

May the Divine Feminine call your heart, enfold you in Her love, support your journey and guide your steps.

Love and hugs