Worldwide Womb Blessing 29th October 12.00

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For the 12.00 Womb Blessing the sun came out and for a few minutes the room was bathed in the multiple rainbows created by the crystals hanging in the windows.

The love that surrounded me and flowed through me in the Womb Blessing was gentle yet powerful. It asks us to take the female path to create the world we want – to flow, to love and to care, rather than to fight and force. We can see around the world that battling, trying and forcing only creates more battling, trying and forcing.  The female path is of following love. When we flow with the love of the Divine Feminine then all around us changes in response.

The Womb Blessing Attunement changes us. And simply by holding the energy and allowing it to radiate around the world and into the land, we create a change through the love and joy we share.

At this time before the major energy shift in December we are releasing the past, both our personal past and our ancestral past, and the patterns that our cultures have created. In Her love the Mother makes things ready for the new energies to come.

The Womb Blessing on 28th December is going to be really interesting! :o)

I hope you are enjoying the Blessing as much as I am.

Love and hugs Miranda