Worldwide Womb Blessing 29th October 06.00

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It was strange to think that when I last did the Womb Blessing Attunement in August it was daylight at 06.00. The summer now seems far away but the darkness of Autumn means that the candles sparkle and everything feels magical :o)

The Womb Blessing constantly amazes me with the amount of love that flows from the Divine Feminine. So many women are hurting physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and Her love is there for everyone of us. In the stresses and strains of life we adisconnect from Her and we need that pause, that moment of calm, to reconnect. The Divine Feminine is never separate from us, we just have to remember Her.

The Womb Blessing is a beautiful way for us to reconnect to the Divine Feminine. It is a way for us to hear her say ‘Everything is okay’ and feel ‘You are loved’. It takes strength and courage to manage our lives but we are not alone. Each morning, let go of battling, do the Womb Blessing Meditation and know that She is there telling you that everything will be alright.

People ask me what do I do between Womb Blessing Attunement times and the answer is sleep and eat! Oh and post!! :o) Be gentle with yourself today. Rest more, drink more water and eat to support the integration of the Womb Blessing energy.

Walk today in beauty, love and grace, as the Moon on Earth.

Love and hugs