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The International Womb Tree Project

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The International Womb Tree Project
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We women are all connected around the world through the beautiful energies of our wombs.

We are all connected physically through the DNA of our distant female ancestors.

We are all connected energetically through the link between our womb centre and the Earth Mother’s womb.

We are all connected through a single pattern of female energy that surrounds the Earth, which is created by the light emanating from our womb centres.

We are all connected to the Moon – to her cycle of light and dark, and to her light that flows over us and through us.

We are all connected to the Universal Womb Tree whose roots grow deep into the Earth, drawing our own Womb Tree roots to the centre of the Earth, and whose branches reach up to the Moon and stars – connecting our Womb Tree to the Moon and to the Universe.

The Womb Tree is an image that reflects the many levels of our individual energies and connections, and our connection and deep embodiment of the cycles of the Earth, the Moon and the stars. The Womb Tree is the centre of who we are, the centre of our female energies, and the centre of our empowerment.

In the International Womb Tree Project we create a pattern of sacred Womb Trees across the world as a very physical and visual reminder of the Womb Tree and the sacred energies that lie within every woman, and of the connection between all women.

Taking part in the International Womb Tree project

In July this year we launched the Womb Tree Project at the sacred Goddess site of Uisneach in Ireland. Moon Mothers from many countries around the world joined together to plant a sacred Womb Tree to ground the vision of female energy awakening for all the women of the world.

This event was the start of the International Womb Tree Project, and we would love for you to become involved.

The project is simple:

Women plant a Womb Tree, or assign an existing tree or plant, as a sacred ‘Womb Tree’, and become the Guardian for the tree, encouraging women to use it as a focus for connecting to the sacred energies of their femininity in groups and in personal meditation.

The Womb Tree that you plant or care for in the project is a visible, physical reflection of the Womb Tree that lies hidden within us, and of the Universal Womb Tree. We are all connected through our wombs to Mother Earth, to each other, to the Moon, and to the Universal Mother. We are one womb, one family, one expression of the Divine Feminine – whether we are Cyclic Women, Sophia Women (post-menopause), Crone Women (10 years or more post-menopause) or young women without a cycle.

The physical Womb Tree can become a focus for our women’s circles, for our Worldwide Womb Blessing Groups, and for our individual meditation on the personal and Universal Womb Tree and our global womb family.

If you would like to become involved in the project, there are a number of ways you can become a “Womb Tree Guardian”:

  • Plant a new tree – perhaps in your garden or in a public area (with permission) where you can look after it and meditate or meet beneath it.
  • Nominate an existing tree in your garden, in a park, in the countryside, or even by the road, as a ‘Womb Tree’.
  • Have an indoor tree or plant that is dedicated as a sacred Womb Tree.

On each Worldwide Womb Blessing Day we are asking women to plant or nominate a Womb Tree and to meet together with other women to take part in the Blessing beside the tree. We are asking Womb Tree Guardians to look after their tree, to get to know the spirit of the tree, and to share the experience of sacredness with all women.

As a Guardian we ask that:

  • if you plant a tree, it is a variety native to your country
  • if you wish to decorate your tree, please only use biodegradable items and please do not leave candle wax or rubbish around the tree
  • if you wish to take a flower, leaves or branches from the tree, always ask permission of the tree and give a gift back in return – perhaps a little water from your drinking bottle


  • Please look after your tree through bad weather.
  • Please respect the animals that live in your tree.
  • Please use the Womb Tree to tell women about the Worldwide Womb Blessing.
  • Please use the tree as a meeting point for women to meditate, share and explore their female energies, their cycles, their spirituality and joy.

Below is a meditation you may like to do at the planting or dedication of your Womb Tree.


Dedication meditation:

The ideal is to do this on a Worldwide Womb Blessing Day, or on a Full Moon, but you can do it on any day.

Dig a hole for the new tree, or stand around an existing tree.

The Guardian says:

“Mother of our wombs, we plant and dedicate this tree as a reflection of the sacred Womb Tree that lies within all women.

As this tree flows with the sacred cycles of the seasons, and of life, may the women of this Land also flow with the beautiful energies of their own sacred cycles.

We ask that:

As this tree grows new shoots, may we embrace with joy new beginnings and growth in our lives.

As this tree flowers and opens its branches to shade others, may we also open to love and beauty, and care for others.

As this tree’s leaves and seeds or fruit fall with the seasons or with drought, may we also dance the inward path of change.

As this tree sleeps with the season, may we also return to our womb roots and to our deep inner connection.

We ask that this tree’s spirit watches over the women of this land and through the Earth Mother connects with all the other Womb Trees around the world to watch over and comfort and protect the women of the world.

We ask that this tree be made sacred to the Divine Feminine, and create a scared space in its shade for women to connect to Her energies deep within themselves, within the Earth and with the Moon and stars.”

Each woman touches the tree and offers a single blessing for all women. Each blessing could be accompanied by tying a piece of grass to the tree or by pouring a little water from a womb bowl onto the root.

(If you use decorations please make sure that they are biodegradable – for example a string of seeds or fruit for the birds, natural fibre rope or strips of cotton fabric.)

Each woman who is to be a Guardian for the Womb Tree touches the tree and says:

“I open my heart and my womb to the great womb of the Divine Feminine. May I be her heart and hands to look after this tree and to help women to recognise and cherish the sacredness of the Womb Tree that lies here and within them.”

Fill in the hole if you are planting a tree.

Have a beautiful celebration under or beside your tree.


Please post your Womb Tree pictures for everyone to see and go to to download a certificate saying that your tree has been dedicated as a sacred Womb Tree within the International Womb Tree Project.

Full Moon meditations at your Womb Tree

Here are a few ideas of meditations that you can choose from to do at your Womb Tree under the Full Moon:

  • The ‘Womb Tree Meditation’ from the Worldwide Womb Blessing.
  • The ‘Sharing Meditation’ from the Worldwide Womb Blessing.
  • The ‘Full Moon Meditation’ from the Worldwide Womb Blessing.
  • The post Worldwide Womb Blessing ‘Self-healing Meditation’.
  • The ‘Meeting Your Womb Tree Meditation’ from the book ‘Female Energy Awakening’.
  • Reading the story ‘The Awakening’ from the book ‘Red Moon’.
  • Doing the ‘Moon Animal’ and ‘Meeting the Guardian exercises in the book ‘Red Moon’.
This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es