Womb Blessing Training workshop Madrid September 2012

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A big thank you to the wonderful women who took part in the Moon Mother workshop in Madrid  and to the organisers for creating such a fun and friendly event. In particular, thank you to Jana for taking such good care of me :o)

For this trip I had an extra day in advance of the workshop to explore the area and central Madrid has some very pretty buildings. Sadly it rained heavily all the time I was visiting and it wasn’t until the drive to the airport to come home that I saw the sun! I hope next weekend when I return to Madrid for another workshop that the weather is warmer and definitely sunnier :o)

Madrid has been hosting increasing numbers of demonstrations and on the Saturday evening it was surreal doing the beautiful, feminine Womb Blessing energy work and also hearing the background sound of sirens and police helicopters. I think it emphasised for all of us what a sanctuary of feminine energy we had created and just how much the world needs this female energy. As Moon Mothers we can help.

The venue for the workshop was an old building built in the 1700s with an atmospheric central wooded staircase. And Jana and Sainda created a lovely indoors picnic lunch for us to enjoy.

The women taking part came from various areas of Spain and we also had an Italian lady and a lady from Bulgaria. We now have a volunteer translator for both Bulgarian and Russian, and it will be wonderful to reach out to the women of these countries :o)

I am really looking forward to returning next weekend. The Goddess of the Land in Spain calls to me deeply every time I visit, and the passion, love, and enthusiasm of Spanish women is wonderful and inspiring. I hope in the future to have more time to explore the different regions and scared sites.