Womb Blessing morning 8th October 2014

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Womb TreeThis morning England was dark and stormy, and after the beautiful late summer we have been having it really feels like the start of the dark time of the year.

The energies this morning were full of loving peace. It was as if the candle-lit Blessing room was an oasis of light and calm in the dark and rain that lay outside the windows. The candle that we light in our Womb Bowls reminds us that we hold the peace and loving calm of the Divine Feminine in our wombs even though the outer world can be stormy and challenging.

To remind ourselves, as we light the candle in our Womb Bowl for the Blessing we can say:

‘Divine Feminine, place your light and love in our wombs that we may hold them for others.’

When we blow out the candle at the end, we can bring our awareness to our womb and say:

‘May your light and love rest in my womb.’

You could also do this as a daily meditation when things are stressful and you need to feel the loving calm of the Divine Feminine as a presence in your life.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a beautiful soul group awakening, healing and evolution. Knowing that we have a soul connection to many women around the world through a bond of unconditional love helps us to feel that we are not alone in our challenges.

Solitary practice is important to our growth, but group work is also an important aspect of spiritual growth and helps us to meet our ‘soul- sisters’.

The Divine Feminine is encouraging you to take part in the Blessing together – in groups and communities that resonate with your heart – and to be supported by and to support your soul-sisters.

If you are already running a group, share the responsibilities and allow group members to share their light and love just as you share your own light and love in organising the group.

Love and hugs and blessings

Miranda x