Womb Blessing evening 8th October 2014

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Womb BlessingJust before the 6.00pm Blessing a beautiful rainbow arched across the sky but then the clouds returned and by the end of the Blessing the candles once more created an oasis of light in a stormy evening.

Then, as if by magic, the clouds parted for the final Blessing and a beautiful Full Moon appeared amongst the clouds. She rose above the turbulence of the storm, serene and radiant.

The light of the Moon triggers something deep within us, something from our primordial past – a feeling of peace, that all is well, and that we are okay and safe. Our female ancestors also looked up at the Moon feeling her light and peace lying within them, and feeling their wombs respond to her.

We are linked to all women -in the past, present and future – through our wombs and through the Moon whose light bathes us. We are all daughters of the Moon and given within us the gift of her serenity whether we are Cyclic Women or Complete Women in menopause.

In the stress of modern life she offers us a refuge of peace and calm.

Mother whose light is growing in the world, bless us that we may bless others.
Mother whose light is growing in the world, bless us with your serenity and with your peace.

Love and blessings and in peace,

Miranda x