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Womb Blessing Enchantress Years

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5 ways to manage the Womb Blessing Enchantress Years: 2014, 2018, 2022

There aImage by Christina Smithre four key female archetypal energies – the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone – and since the Womb Blessing first started in 2012 they have been manifesting each year in the lives of all the women who have received the Womb Blessing energy.

2012 was the Maiden year, full of new beginnings, and 2013 was the Mother year and we grew into new energies, new connections and the new patterns awakened by the Blessing.

2014, 2018 and 2022 are ruled by the Enchantress, and she is the archetype of challenges and change. The Enchantress cuts away the old patterns and limitations that are holding us back from completely embracing the changes that the Womb Blessing has given us. We need freedom and space to birth our new sacred female consciousness, and if we don’t willingly leave our old patterns behind and live our new energies then the Enchantress steps in and does it for us!

The challenges and changes many of us are going through this year may not be comfortable but they are positive. They are actively helping us to step closer to Oneness – Oneness with our body, mind and soul, Oneness with the world, and Oneness with the Divine Feminine. We cannot change our energies and still expect to fit in our old life, and the Enchantress, with love and care, is helping us to create a new life which fits our beautiful, newly awakened female energies and consciousness.

Steps to embracing and loving your Enchantress year:

  1. Read ‘Red Moon’ to understand the Enchantress archetype and to learn how to start living the gifts the Womb Blessing awakens in your life.
  1. Read the pre-menstrual messages in the book ‘Spiritual Messages for Women’ for supporting messages to help you through changes and challenges.
  1. Energise your ‘Cauldron centre’ – the energy centre that lies in your lower belly. The Enchantress energies are often hardest to live with when the Cauldron centre is depleted in energy. When the Cauldron centre is connected to the Earth Mother and full of energy you can feel centred, strong, peaceful and complete, and your heart opens with love.
  1. Let go of stress. The Enchantress brings to the surface all of our limiting thoughts, patterns and beliefs, many of which are expressions of our survival patterns and our feelings and experiences of lack of love. When we feel love, we feel accepting and inclusive and we are able to connect with the harmony that comes from being part of a community of women who love and work and share together.

Whenever you feel stressed, stop for a few minutes; bring your awareness to your Womb Tree and grow your roots deep into the Earth. Then bring your awareness to your heart and breathe deeply for a minute into your heart centre. Focus on things that you love. Finally, as you feel better, open to the Moon above and feel her bathing you in light. Ask her to show you the best action for the highest good.

  1. Organise a Worldwide Womb Blessing group. A ‘group’ could just be two friends, or it could be a hundred women! The path of the feminine is not one of walking alone but of walking together hand-in-hand. We can be individuals on that path, but when we do things together, in the same way and in the same direction, something amazing happens; we achieve so much more than we could on our own, and we feel good doing it. This is the feminine way that we have lost in the competitive masculine world. When we are together, supporting each other and sharing, we no longer feel alone or lacking, and we walk a female path.

I hope that these suggestions help you to manage in the Enchantress years.

Miranda GrayTo travel the Enchantress year is to sail with the wind rather than against it, otherwise the waves will crash against you and the journey will be exhausting and chaotic. This year, go with the flow. Don’t fight the changes; be brave – let go and see where the winds take you. And remember that you don’t need to travel alone, so if you see someone else struggling in the storm, help her and together share the experience of a new direction and a new beginning.

Love and heartfelt hugs



‘Enchantress’ image by Christina Smith,