Womb Blessing 18.00

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It was so noticeable that this was the biggest group for the Womb Blessing; the energy that came through was amazing! We have all been given such a wonderful gift. The beauty of the Womb Blessing is that the more women who connect to the energy network, the more Blessing energy we can all share with each other and the Earth.

I feel so honoured and excited by the number of women taking part. Thank you for sharing the Blessing with everyone at 18.00, and for bringing healing, validation and strength to their femininity. Thank you also to those of you who specifically sent me energy too, it was very welcome! :o)

After the Blessing, I went for a walk among the trees to ground myself and it was lovely in the sunshine if a little cold.

For the next Womb Blessing the Full Moon will be taking part. Like in February, we have had an overcast day but the clouds have now cleared in time for the final Womb Blessing. We also have a number of Moon Mothers joining us at midnight UK time, and with the Moon above us I know it will be a special event.

Remember to rest if you feel tired after the Blessing and to drink lots of water. Your body will also need food to help it to integrate the new energy you have received.  Please share your experiences here or on Facebook 🙂

Love Miranda x