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Why are English-speaking women so confused about the Womb Blessing?!

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In the Womb Blessing family we have fewer women who are English-speakers from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and I wonder why?

Recently I have had two conversations which has shown me how disconnected some women in the UK are. One conversation was with a woman who works in the New Age industry and she found it very hard to see that the Womb Blessing could be for reasons other than pregnancy and fertility. She could understand the idea of the energy blessing and the healing but not that there would be any other focus for it than fertility.

The other conversation was with a couple of women with no specific alternative background and they found it surprising that anyone could possibly think there was anything positive about the menstrual cycle. They looked at me in disbelief when I said we had 29,000 women in the Womb Blessing family.

So why is there a difference in numbers in the Womb Blessing family between English-speakers and Spanish or French speakers? Could it be a spiritual reason? Or how women are viewed? Or how women use modern technology to connect?

Why do women in the UK seem to see the womb as just a tool to have babies and view the menstrual cycle in such a negative way that they would like to stop it completely? Where did we lose the passion and sacredness, the empowerment and creativity, the sensuality and sexuality, associated with the womb centre? Was it in the feminist movement in the 1960s; was it before then or since? Is the reason in our language and therefore how we think? Is it because women are fighting so hard to manage in a masculine world that to supress our femininity and cycle is a survival issue?

Is it because we women focus on the association between the womb and birth and don’t bring the optimized skills and abilities from the menstrual cycle into our everyday life, our work life and our sex life?

I don’t think it is fear. I don’t think it is ignorance because even when presented with the information there is no understanding. I think it is because women have no basis on which to understand the concept. There are no role models, no celebs standing up to take the Oscar saying ‘This is down to my menstrual cycle and the skills and abilities, opportunities and insights it has given me.’ It is up to us who do love our cycles, even if they give us pain, to say how the phases help us.

So please post and say how each phase helps you! Let’s sell the benefits of being cyclic!