Which cycle most affects you and your life – the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle, or the Earth’s cycle?

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CyclesEvery month we experience amazing abilities and energies that are created from the weaving together of three energy cycles – our menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the Earth’s seasonal cycle. We women are not the product of just one of these cycles – each cycle has its own effect on our lives and on how we express our sense of self.

The womb energy centre is how we perceive the world – there is nothing in our lives that is not affected by womb, its energies and its cycle. It affects us physically and emotionally, and changes how we think. This means that the womb energy centre, and its cycle of four female archetypal energies (Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone), is our first step in understanding the Divine Feminine within ourselves and within the Universe. All my books focus on the menstrual cycle first, because this everyday expression of the womb centre is how we perceive everything else.

But we are not just one cycle. The Moon’s phases deepen our experiences and offer us an expanded view of the energies and role of the archetypes. For example, our experience of the menstrual phase archetype (Crone) is influenced by the lunar archetype at our time of bleeding. If we are menstrual (Crone) at the dark of the Moon (Crone phase) we experience an enhancement of the Crone energies, making us even more withdrawn and more deeply anchored in our sense of being and oneness. If we are menstrual (Crone) at the Full Moon (Mother phase) we experience an expanded Crone energy where we embody the Universal energy that supports the Outer-world in its expression.

Rather than manifesting just four aspects of the female energies through the menstrual cycle archetypes, we manifest a blend of menstrual and lunar energies that create a richer weave of female abilities and roles.

Our womb energy centre is also connected directly to the land that we live on, and the seasons have an influence on our archetypal energies and on our perception. The land’s energies affect all our cycle phases – if we are Crone (menstrual) in winter (Crone phase) then we experience enhanced Crone energies. If we are Crone in the spring (Maiden phase) we are more able to bring the universal wisdom of the Crone out into the everyday world.

The dynamic blending of energies of the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the earth’s cycle, weaves a beautiful magic that offers us gifts that make our female life an amazing and beautiful reflection of the many facets of the Divine Feminine.

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es