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What is the Earth-Yoni Blessing?

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Earth Yoni BlessingThe Yoni (used here as a name for both the vagina and the vulva) is a sacred shrine. It is the beautiful gateway through which energy from the Earth enters our body, the gateway through which life emerges, and through which we connect to the Earth. The Yoni links the outside world with the inner darkness and spiritual centre of our womb, and grounds us in the Earth. It is the physical shrine of the Divine Feminine in her aspect of young girl, adult woman, mature woman and elder woman.

With so many women unsure in the modern world what it means to be female and ‘feminine’ we have become disconnected from our Yoni. We no longer see it as a beautiful symbol of femininity. Neither do we see it as a source of spiritual, sensual and sexual prayer, nor a source of female empowerment. With the Yoni alienated we have lost our connection to Divine Mother, to her sexuality, abundance, strength, creativity and love. In this simple blessing the Divine Mother returns to us, to heal the alienation and awaken her energy and presence in our lives.

When we give the Earth-Yoni Blessing we open to the love of the Divine Mother and we allow her presence and energy to flow into our culture and society through the women that we bless.

Spreading the Earth-Yoni Blessing around the world

Statue by Debbie BerrowThe Earth-Yoni Blessing has been included in the Worldwide Womb Blessing so that more and more women can receive it. As soon as you have received the Earth-Yoni Blessing, in the Worldwide Womb Blessing or in person, you may share it in person with another woman, and then she can also share it. You will be taught how to do this in the materials in the Worldwide Womb Blessing download site.

The Earth-Yoni Blessing is always freely given by women to women. You can give and receive it as often as you like. It is for anyone who resonates with the energy! You do not need a womb or a cycle, and you can take part if you are pregnant.

How to take part

When you register for the Worldwide Womb Blessing you will find two Earth-Yoni Documents available from the Womb Blessing download page:

  • Earth-Yoni Worldwide Blessing-how to take part.pdf
  • Earth-Yoni Personal Blessing-how to give it.pdf

How does it fit into the Worldwide Womb Blessing®?

See the dial below.

Questions about taking part?

Contact the International Moon Mothers’ Team on: or


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Statue by Debbie Berrow

This post is also available in: en hr fr pt-br pt-pt es