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What is a Moon Mother?

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Imagine a woman standing in front of you, bathed in moonlight.

She is radiant in the silver-white light, and on her palms rest two Full Moons. At her brow is a white star, at her heart lies a silver chalice surrounded by pale pink light, and at her womb level lies a golden cauldron glowing with light and filled with the oceans of the world.

Golden roots grow down from her womb and disappear deep into the Earth.
She is serene, complete, strong, gentle and loving.

She is a Moon Mother holding the Blessing energy.

A Moon Mother is a woman called in her heart to hold the vibration of the Divine Feminine shared in the Worldwide Womb Blessing so that she can personally pass it on to other women in awakening and deep healing. She does this through giving Personal Womb Blessings and by sending energy in the Worldwide Womb Blessing. She walks a beautiful path of offering individual female awakening and healing and soul group awakening and healing for the women of the Earth. Each Blessing is a step towards embodying the purity and grace, love and light, serenity and wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and towards living our best possible femininity and our best possible life.

Moon Mothers

Being a Moon Mother who actively shares the Blessing is a path of rapid personal and spiritual development. As she gives a Blessing, a Moon Mother also receives one – awakening more of her female energies and, at the advanced level, helping her to evolve in love.

The Blessing energy is meant to be shared, and so we have Moon Mother Sharing Groups around the world that enable Moon Mothers who do not yet feel ready to practise themselves to grow and develop through the sharing of the Blessing with other Moon Mothers.

To be a Moon Mother is a path of:

  • Deep personal healing on all levels.
  • Spiritual awakening to inner wholeness, self-empowerment and strength, and acceptance of our femininity.
  • Discovering and walking our soul’s purpose.
  • Evolving in peace, love and light into the next stage of female consciousness.
  • Learning how to live, grow, and work in harmony with our authentic femininity.
  • Learning how to create a community of women which is based on our female energies of respect and validation, collaboration and sharing, creativity and passion, inner wisdom and spiritual awareness.
  • Learning how to keep the sacredness of every moment, every action, every step,
    celebrating with joy our female energies.


How to become a Moon Mother

Moon Mothers train with Miranda Gray at one of the 2-day Moon Mother Level 1 workshops around the world. Within the workshop students receive the Moon Mother Initiation so that they may hold the beautiful vibration of the Divine Feminine that is used in the Womb Blessing. Moon Mothers can be completely new to energy work, or they can be experienced. They are all called to bring the Divine Feminine energy to the world.

To find a Moon Mother workshop see


The Womb Tree

The structure of the Womb Blessing is like the Womb Tree painting.

The Moon Mothers who actively inspire, spread and share the invitation to each Worldwide Womb Blessing are the leaves on the tree that help the tree to grow bigger and reach for the stars.

The branches are the Moon Mothers who run Worldwide Womb Blessing groups, sharing the energy around the world not just at Worldwide Womb Blessings but also on the Full Moons between Blessing Days.

The trunk is the Moon Mothers who give personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings, and the Moon Mother Country Co-ordinators and Representatives.

The roots are the Moon Mothers who share the Blessing energy in the Worldwide Womb Blessings – they are the roots that change the energy of women in the world. In each country there is a tree, and the trees reach out and touch each other through their leaves and branches and through their roots.

The world is a forest of Moon Mothers.

No single Moon Mother is more important than any other – each one has her own part in the purpose of the Divine Feminine. Each Moon Mother has her own passion, creativity, talents and skills, and each brings something unique and beautiful to the role of being a Moon Mother. Our youngest Moon Mothers are 18 years old, and our eldest Moon Mother is currently 83 years old.

We are all growing, learning, re-learning, and discovering what it means to be truly and authentically female. This is a passionate path, often with challenges, as we women learn to let go of the fears our societies have taught us and explore new ways to make relationships between women. We are all learning.

We are a circle of equals regardless of our origin, life experience, spirituality or background, and we symbolise our circle and our connection to the Moon, her cycles and the cycles of women through the wearing of the Moon Mother bracelet.


Advanced Moon Mothers

Advanced Moon Mothers are Moon Mothers who feel the call to go deeper into their relationship with the Divine Feminine and to live and breathe the Womb Blessing. Moon Mothers help women to awaken to their authentic femininity, Advanced Moon Mothers help women to live this femininity in a challenging masculine world, and help them not just to awaken but also to evolve. Advanced Moon Mothers also give ‘The Gift’ to men, a sharing of the Divine Feminine in validation of authentic masculinity.


To find a Moon Mother

Moon Mothers are there to help all women, to give the Womb Blessing and Womb Healing, to run groups, to spread the invitation and to answer questions. To find a Moon Mother see

Meet your Country Co-ordinator see

To find a Moon Mother workshop see


To organise a workshop

If there are no workshops in your country or in your part of your country, and if you have experience of organising workshops, can speak some English, and wish to run a workshop in 2017, please contact:

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-pt es