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Welcome to the soul-work of the Crone Year!

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The Crone Year 2019
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For many of us, last year’s Enchantress energies were challenging and disruptive – especially in relationships – but all the disputes, the break-ups, and the arguments we experienced were nothing about the situation, or the people, but all about US – our insecurities, our lack of centredness, our lack of self-worth and self-acceptance. It is said that what we cannot manage in others are patterns that we cannot accept within ourselves.

The Crone Year is a year of gentler energies, of rest and restoration, but there is a deep awakening that happens in the darkness if we are willing to open to it and flow with it.

The gift of the Crone is:

The Crone Year is the year to let go of all the associated emotions, feelings, judgement and blame created by our disputes. It is about having empathy for both sides, without judgement or emotion, and about releasing the repetitive thought patterns to the darkness and not bringing them back out into the light of our mental world.

The gift of the Crone:
She never judges.

We can never know all the background to a person’s thoughts and patterns, so we are never able to truly judge a person’s behaviour. It is this allowing that brings the Crone’s gift of forgiveness.

Our Crone-Time:

Think about how we are in our Crone-time (our menstruation). We have no energy to fight or to be bothered with the perceived hurts and threats that seemed so important in our pre-menstrual / Enchantress phase. We don’t have the drive or motivation to make changes, and we certainly don’t have the energy to feel upset emotionally. We naturally say “whatever,” and we withdraw, and we let go.

The gift of the Crone is:
Whatever is released to the darkness stays in the darkness –
unless, of course, we re-create it again in the light of our thoughts.

Each month, through our cycles, we have the opportunity at menstruation to reflect on a situation without emotional upset. We are empowered to see the truth, with empathy for both sides, without our emotions and ego clouding our perception. And we also have the powerful opportunity to leave our old emotions in the darkness. We all have this gift, but what do many of us do? When we start to enter the light of the pre-ovulation/ Maiden phase, we reconstruct the thought patterns again and our ego and emotions re-create the anger, hurt and judgment. We lose the resolution that we found in the Crone phase, and then we lose the ability to build a new relationship built on love and forgiveness. In this situation, no one wins, and both sides continue to suffer and feel pain and hurt.

Accepting the deep healing of the Crone Year:

This year we have a whole year influenced by Crone energies.

This is truly an amazing YEAR OF FORGIVENESS. It is a year to let go of the deepest and oldest hurts that dominate our behaviours and view of the world, to find inner resolution of conflicts, and to change at soul level so that we can leave the past behind and create new supportive relationships. The work that we do in the Crone Year on forgiveness is supported by the Crone herself, so we forgive with ease and change without effort.

So what is our Crone Year work?

To rest in the darkness and…

  1. See the pattern that created the problem.
  2. Accept ourselves and the situation without judgement.
  3. Know that associated emotions are held by the Crone.
  4. Forgive ourselves, acknowledging that we behaved in the only way we could behave at that time.
  5. Forgive others, acknowledging that they behaved in the only way that they could based on their patterns.
  6. Reach out to people, without the expectation of their forgiveness, to offer to build a new relationship.
  7. If the offer is rejected, to give the relationship to the Crone to heal.

The result is that we walk life a little lighter and we are freed from having to re-live the pattern. How many times have we walked away from a relationship only to find the same pattern repeated with someone else? When we forgive and forget, we no longer call the pattern into our lives.

So, in this Crone year, rest and reflect on your long-standing disputes – on the people you have disconnected from, on the people who have hurt you in any way, and on the people you have hurt. Transform yourself in the forgiveness of the Crone and see this transformation reflected in the world around you.

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