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Weaving our Cyclic Magic Together

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Weaving our Cyclic Magic Together
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Each one of us has amazing gifts that lie in the phases of our menstrual cycle. If we ‘ride the optimized wave’ as outlined in my book ‘The Optimized Woman’ we can bring to our projects all the energies and gifts of the four female archetypes that lie within us – the Maiden energies of pre-ovulation, the Mother energies of ovulation, the Enchantress energies of pre-menstruation and the Crone energies of menstruation. However, we need a full menstrual month for us to journey through all of the phases to embody the enhanced skills and abilities that each archetype gives us.

But we may also miss something very important – when women meet together, we have the combination of all the wonderful abilities, energies and skills of the archetypes to weave and dance around a single focus! To achieve our goals, the ideal would be to have three other women who each embodied the gifts of the other archetypes of the cycle to work with on our projects.

And there is also an added gift to working with other Cyclic Women – when we work on our own we experience our archetype energies in isolation, but when we work with other women not only do we have access to our energies and their energies but also to a third energy that comes from the blending of our archetypes. It’s like an artist’s paints – we can paint blue in one phase, red in another, yellow in another and black in another – or we can have all four colours on our palette at the same time and blend them together to create countless vibrant colours and shades that we would normally not have access to.

Each of the archetypes brings to a project a unique perspective, a powerful creative energy and a specific way of thinking and communicating. As Cyclic Women we are never the whole cycle, we are always missing our three ‘sister’ phases – who we need in order to be able to fully recognise and realise the full magic of authentic femininity.

We modern women are searching for something, and that ‘something’ is a feeling of completeness. This sense of completeness lies within us in the spiritual world, but it also lies outside of us in the material world. Working with women and blending the energies of the archetypes as they dance and transition around the cycle brings us into alignment with the Divine Feminine magic of creation. And when we work with other women we begin to see ourselves reflected in their archetypes, and we experience our current archetype in association with them. We learn more about ourselves in this blending of colours.

So try this out for yourself. Bring your female friends together to help you with a project, and identify your phases and archetypes. Then explain the project and ask each archetype in turn to share her thoughts, feelings and ideas. Write them down. Don’t allow anyone to interrupt.

Then at the end, as a group discuss the ideas and comments. You will find out what is important, what could go wrong, what you need to do to support yourself and others, what actions you need to take and how to nurture your project and yourself. If you don’t have all four archetypes represented, it doesn’t matter – there are no rules, see what happens!

Four Guidelines to Help You:

  • Everyone respects the archetype and energies of each woman without criticism and judgement. Everyone has something unique to offer even if they have no background to the project.

  • Allow everyone the time and space to talk at the beginning without interruption. Say that there will be time to respond after everyone has spoken.

  • Remember that you represent your sacred archetype and not your ego, and that the weaving is made from female wisdom and magic – so it needs to be respected and not used as an ego-boosting power play!

  • And have fun. Enjoy expressing your archetype energies and playing with your archetype sisters!


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