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Unwrapping the gifts of the Womb Blessings: what to do after a Blessing

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The Womb Blessing is not a single event but rather a beautiful female path of awakening that brings healing to all aspects of our being. At each Blessing we return a little closer to our authentic femininity – the pattern of female energies with which our soul was born into the world. Sadly our upbringing and our society has taught us to repress aspects of this pattern, and so many women around the world feel this loss of their soul connection in an inner emptiness and a lack of wholeness.

The Blessing reconnects us to aspects of our femininity that we have lost or that have never had the opportunity to be expressed. But awakening these aspects is just the beginning of our journey home to authentic femininity; we also have to walk the female path by bringing these aspects into our lives and live in harmony with our true female nature. Otherwise we become disconnected once again, and our heart and soul cry out, telling us that we still need wholeness.

Womb BowlHow do I bring the gifts of the Womb Blessing into my life?

What are the gifts?

Every woman is individual, and the Blessing offers us many different gifts – healing and love, emotional and mental release, self-love and acceptance, wisdom and inner guidance, strength and empowerment, gentleness and peace, sexual energy and creativity, inspiration and wildness.

Unwrapping the gifts

To unwrap our personal gifts from the Womb Blessing we need to take the toy out of the box and play with it! Our female nature is cyclic, so we need to start welcoming and expressing this nature in the little things we do every day.

Our cyclic nature consists of four female energy archetypes – an archetype is a universal symbol and energy that all women share regardless of culture – and in my book ‘Red Moon’ I call these archetypes the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone. Each archetypal energy is associated with a phase of the menstrual cycle and a phase of the Moon. When we do a small activity that is in harmony with the energies of the archetype in her phase we feel good! This is a sign from our soul showing us that we are walking the path of the female soul pattern.


The path of female awakening feels good!


So what type of activities can I do after the Womb Blessing to feel good?

I have a cycle

The Maiden (pre-ovulation phase) asks for independent action and doing tasks. Make a list of all the things you want to do this week and start doing them.

The Mother (ovulation phase) asks for us to be loving and to reach out to people. Say ‘thank you’ to people and express your gratitude every day this week.

The Enchantress (pre-menstrual phase) asks for independent creativity and spirituality. Write a little prayer every day this week and let your heart, womb and creativity find the images and words.

The Crone (menstruation) asks us to rest, to pray and to reflect. Go to bed a little early every day this week and enjoy the extra rest.

I don’t have a cycle

If you don’t have a menstrual cycle due to illness, a hysterectomy, medical suppression of the cycle, menopause or pregnancy, you can still unwrap the gifts of the Blessing because you still have the archetypal energies within you.

Do the above activities in harmony with the lunar cycle:

The Maiden activities – do these on the days of the increasing moon.

The Mother activities – do these on the three days before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and three days after the full moon.

The Enchantress activities – do these on the days of the decreasing moon.

The Crone activities – do these on the three days of the dark moon, the day of the dark moon, and three days after the dark moon.

More ideas

To help you to create activities to live in tune with your cyclic nature and feel good, there are suggestions for each phase in my book ‘Red Moon’, and for more practical everyday activities for well-being, work enhancement and goal achievement, see the Cyclic Path in the book ‘The Optimized Woman’ which guides you through each day of your cycle.


Quick ideas for each phase delivered WHEN YOU ARE IN THAT PHASE!

I have recently been writing phase-related activities and tips for the FREE Android and iOS app called ‘The Flow’, produced by Dr Lucia Lukanova. This is a great way to learn how to live in tune with your cyclic nature to welcome and express the beautiful and empowering gifts of the Womb Blessing.

 The Flow mobile phone app

If you don’t have a cycle – simply put in the lunar cycle and use the app as normal.

Free tips for each phase include the following:

There are more tips available covering a wide range of everyday activities, as well as tips relating to work, creativity and spirituality.

Download the free Android version

Download the free iOS version

Find out more about ‘The Flow’

This post is also available in: en fr