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Unlocking the wisdom of your cycles

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Red Moon Oracle Cards
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There is an amazing source of powerful and creative wisdom lying within you and within all women. Hidden from view, or discredited by society, this wisdom lies in your menstrual cycle and is an expression of the Cyclic Goddess who shares her insights and gifts and walks beside you on your life journey. If you stop for a moment in each phase of your cycle and turn your attention inwards, then in your feelings, your inner vision and in your love, you can hear the guidance of the Cyclic Goddess – the goddess of the cycles of the Moon, of the Earth, of life and of women – as she expresses herself through the Maiden archetype of pre-ovulation, the Mother of ovulation, the Enchantress of the pre-menstrual phase and the Crone of menstruation.

The Maiden calls out to you with bright wisdom, renewing your self-confidence and self-belief, and reminds you to start again when things are difficult, to focus on your dream, and to see every step as a way forwards to something new and wonderful.

The Mother holds you and whispers loving wisdom to your heart to renew your feelings of love and of being loving, and to remind you to be less critical of yourself,  to appreciate your blessings and your abundance, and to trust and open your heart to reach out to others.

The Enchantress dances with you through the swirling emotions, filling your heart with magical wisdom and reminds you to express your creativity, to make change, to be wilder, and to bring the spiritual world into your everyday life.

The Crone sits with you in her dark wisdom, wrapping you in her acceptance, reminding you that everything is okay, that you can forgive and leave the past behind, and inviting you to rest for a while and do nothing.

As you walk through your everyday life, you can ask these archetype goddesses for their wisdom, insight, and support. Maybe you need a little help from the Maiden while writing a report, or from the Mother as you try to deal with a difficult conversation. Perhaps you need help in your Enchantress pre-menstrual phase from another archetype to help bring peace and balance to your inner Enchantress energies, and perhaps you want to know how you can help the current archetype of a female friend or family member.

One practical way to connect with your inner archetype is to collect images and messages about each archetype and to create oracle cards – cards that you can use in each phase to remind yourself of the wisdom of your cycle and inner archetypes. Below there is a link to an oracle card template that you can print out onto card and decorate in each phase of your cycle.

But in the busy and demanding modern world you may not have a lot of spare time to make your own cards – so I have created a wonderful oracle deck for you to use throughout the day or whenever you need help and support. ‘Red Moon – The Oracle’ is a beautiful set of archetype cards whose messages are designed to help you to feel connection to the energies and mysteries of The Cyclic Goddess, and to bring her empowerment and wisdom into your life – whether you have a cycle or not. The cards help you to remember your power to love, to create, and to be who you are, and to remember your cyclic path.

Divided into the four Cycle Goddess archetypes, the beautiful illustrations from Julia Larotonda are a mirror to your inner self and to the power and wisdom you hold.

You can use the cards for healing support throughout the day, you can carry a card to remind you of your current archetype, or you can use your cards to create a meditation mandala of your cycle and build an altar to the Cyclic Goddess.

And of course you can always add to the deck with your own additional, personalised cards using the template below.

> Download the template to make your own oracle cards

Red Moon - The Oracle

‘Red Moon – The Oracle’ is available now in Brazilian Portuguese and Italian, from January 2021 in English and French, and in the early part of 2021 in Spanish and German. See for more information.


This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es