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The Womb Blessing and the four female archetypes:

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Femininity has four main archetypal energies, which are expressions of the Cyclic Goddess. They are:

The Maiden, symbolised by the increasing moon, the incoming tide and the spring.
The Mother, who is seen as the full moon, the full tide and the summer.
The Enchantress, as expressed in the energies of the darkening moon, the outgoing tide and the autumn.
The Crone or old woman, who is the withdrawn energies of the dark moon, the low tide and the winter.

Each one of us holds and expresses these archetypal energies, and if we are cyclic women who experience a menstrual cycle we naturally journey through each of the archetypes and live their energies during our month. How we think and feel, and how we express ourselves – our needs and desires and our creativity, sexuality and spirituality – all change with each phase of our cycle.

The Womb Blessing brings healing not only to our physical body but also to each phase of our menstrual cycle and the archetypal energies that they hold. So many women are disconnected from these energies due to their upbringing, to social pressures and expectations, and due to life experiences. Some women connect to just one or two of the female archetypes and repress the others so that they can survive in a masculine world. But in surviving, these women lose access to the beauty and fullness of their femininity. They lose the opportunities and wide range of beautiful experiences and expressions that these archetypal energies bring. And they lose connection to the Divine Feminine, the sacredness of their female energies and body, and the beauty and wonder that is being a woman.

Red Moon by Miranda GrayThe modern world does not make it easy for women to live in harmony with their archetypal energies and for this reason I wrote my first book ‘Red Moon – Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle’. The Womb Blessing energy brings healing to each of our archetypal female energies in the month after the Blessing event, but we still have to take action and express these archetypes in our lives if we are to live the true nature, joy and beauty of being a woman.

Please pass this article on to any women who you feel would love to experience and share the Womb Blessing energy. The family of the Womb Blessing is open to all women and they can register their Blessing time at

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This post is also available in: en fr