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The Enchantress energies

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The Enchantress energies are the energies of the pre-menstrual phase, of the decreasing Moon and of the Autumn. It is a time of dynamic withdrawal – our physical energies in the pre-menstrual phase start to decrease after the stability of the ovulation phase, the Moon starts to darken after the completeness of the Full Moon, and the life force starts to withdraw from the land after the abundance of summer.

EnchantressOur withdrawal starts slowly. When we take the first few steps on the path down into the dark heart of the labyrinth, these steps are taken in daylight where we can still see the world around us and the direction of the path ahead. Our first steps are confident and happy, but the last few steps of this phase will be taken in complete darkness, with us feeling our way as we try to safely navigate each step. No wonder we want to stay in the light for as long as possible.

The path of the Enchantress asks a lot from us. She asks us to trust, to accept the ‘not knowing’, to follow our feelings and to let go of the expectations and the safety blanket of society. She takes us deep into our subconscious mind, offering us wonderful gifts of intuition and inspiration, and of transformational healing.

On her path our inhibitions break and the comfortable barriers that surround our fears and beliefs collapse. She releases our innermost fears of survival, our feelings of lack of self-acceptance and self-love, and she weaves enchanting stories that capture our minds so that they feel real. Her stories are loving, they help us to see what we do not love and accept in ourselves, and they help us to see that we cannot control life – instead we have to let go and flow with the Universe. To fight the Enchantress is to exhibit the classic ‘pre-menstrual symptoms’.

The Enchantress offers us a challenge: to love and accept ourselves. Then we have the strength to ride the waves, to know that we can survive and be generous and loving towards others whatever happens.


Welcoming the Enchantress phases of pre-menstruation, the darkening Moon, Autumn and peri-menopause:

Pre-menstrual Enchantress:

The days when the Enchantress energies start in the cycle can vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. If you feel a decline in physical energy and stamina, if you feel less sociable and tolerant, and if your moods swing – you are experiencing the Enchantress energies.

The pre-menstrual phase is a time of deepening spirituality. The Enchantress calls you to withdraw and take the first steps in connecting with your spiritual nature. She creates this impulse within you because she wants to talk to you and to share her magic and inspiration to help you to grow in your life.

Choose an oracle deck, or use my book ‘Spiritual Messages for Women’, to receive a message each morning and each evening from the Enchantress about your path in life.

Waning Moon Enchantress:

Traditionally this is a time of release and of letting go. From three days after the Full Moon to three days before the Dark Moon you have the opportunity to let go of the emotional baggage that you are carrying:

Collect some little dark coloured stones.

Each day take one stone and hold it in your hands, thinking of something from the past month you wish to release – for example the emotions of an argument, of something that you did or didn’t do.

Then take the stone on a walk and drop it somewhere, giving your emotions to the Earth Mother to cleanse. Enjoy the physical experience of leaving your unwanted emotions behind.

Autumn Enchantress:

Autumn begins with abundance and the celebration of ‘First Fruits’ and harvest – but this abundance comes from completion. The summer is over, the life force has peaked in fertility and now the fruits fall. In harvest there is loss, sacrifice and the ending of a cycle of light, life and growth.

Celebrate Harvest as an expression of the Enchantress energies. Make it a celebration of your acceptance of the new path ahead going down into the darkness, of enjoying the light and warmth while it is still with you, of appreciating the sacrifice of Nature, and of excited anticipation of the sensuality, magic and deepening spirituality that comes with the Autumn Enchantress.

Peri-menopause / early menopause Enchantress:

As we journey through life we walk a path through the four female archetypal energies. Peri-menopause and early menopause (menopause is when a woman no longer has menstruation) are ruled by the Enchantress, and she holds our hand and guides us away from everyday life into the swirling magical change that is growing up into the complete state of womanhood. This is a challenging time, not because of the Enchantress but because society doesn’t positively support us as we go through this change.

Celebrate this part of your life with a simple but powerful morning affirmation:

I am the beautiful, powerful and magical Enchantress.
I bring magic and healing into the world.

Feel or imagine that you are an Enchantress from mythology and nursery stories – empowered in your feminine magic, creativity and sensuality.



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This post is also available in: en fr it de pt-pt es