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The August Womb Blessing: healing our abundance

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The Womb Tree

Every Womb Blessing so far has had a wonderful surprise – an additional gift of energy focused on healing a specific area of our femininity. And each Womb Blessing contains these additional energies plus a new one for the current Blessing and so each Blessing is growing in strength and the areas it brings healing to. It also means that women who did not join us in earlier Blessings will still receive these healings. I have to wonder about the last 2012 Womb Blessing in December! I know it will be an amazing event as the energy sent in the Blessing will be the result of a year’s worth of grounding the Divine Feminine energy into the Earth by thousands of women. As more Moon Mothers support the worldwide events it is going to be an exciting to see what will happen!

The August Womb Blessing brings us the energies of cleansing and love from February and May, and also additional healing for our patterns of abundance, fulfilment, creativity, fruitfulness and relationships. From our Womb Centre we create our world, manifest our dreams and desires, feel contentment, and give birth to our children and ideas. When these energies are blocked or distorted through our upbringing, social expectations and life experiences, we lose connection with our fruitfulness, our ripeness and juiciness, our passion for life and the experience of plenty. Instead we feel dry and barren, lack and emptiness, and empty of the optimism and enthusiasm of life which is so natural to our feminine creativity. We face the world in fear, and fight and force our way through life. But when our Womb Centre is balanced and in harmony we take the ‘Mother’ approach of being plentiful and fruitful, of nurturing our path in life and caring for our projects, dreams, and relationships. We love rather than force, care rather than fight, move with loving empowerment rather than feeling unloved and a victim.

This Womb Blessing will also bring healing to our relationship with our own mother, and to our ancestral mothers, as well as healing to our role as a mother if we have children or are trying to become pregnant.

Join us for the 2nd August Womb Blessing by registering at

Please share the message about the Womb Blessing in as many languages as you can so that we can help more and more women return their femininity and womb to sacredness.

Registration closes midnight UK time on the 30th July.