Contacts and enquiries

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The Womb Blessing Community and movement is supported by a large group of loving and dedicated volunteers in different countries across the world.

For questions about the Worldwide Womb Blessing answered in your language, please contact your Country Contact, listed below.

AlbaniaCountry ContactElvira
ArgentinaCountry ContactMar Castiglioni, Susana Ocampo, Veronica Sthal, Claudia Rohlik, Julieta MartinezWeb
ArgentinaMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherUrsula Schrö
ArgentinaWorkshop organiserUrsula Schrö
AustraliaCountry Contact Ruth Andréu, Fiona House, Tamara JohnstonFB
AustriaCountry ContactLilly
AustriaMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherBettina M. Kreissl
BelgiumCountry ContactClaudia Olea
BelgiumMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherBettina M. Kreissl
BelgiumWorkshop organiserClaudia
BelarusCountry ContactMarie
BrazilCountry ContactLarissa Lamas Pucci, Julia Loreley Larotonda Vesi, Carine WŸürch, Tatiana Guedes


Workshops FB
BrazilWorkshop organiserJulia Larotonda, Larissa
CanadaCountry ContactBlanca SalvatierrawwWB FB page:
wwWB FB group:
Country Contact Central America: El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Hondura, BelizeCountry ContactCelina Ganuza, Dunia Romero, Angie Arroyo, Waleska Guerrero, Cassia SouzawwWB FB page:Žrica wwWB FB group:
Central America: El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala.Workshop organiser (Costa Rica)Vanessa
ChileCountry ContactNatalia Gómez, Camila Olivares, Zahira Herrera, Paulina Carre–o, M. Concepción Tabilo

wwWB FB page:
wwWB webpage:
ColombiaCountry ContactGabriela Marín, Diana Gamba, Jimena Torres, Luisa Ospina, Laura CamargowwWB FB page:
CroatiaCountry ContactMMSandra Volčanšek, Anja Grubiša, Ivančica Valek Gunjača,FB
Czech RepublicCountry ContactKateřina Prokešová DoležalováFB group
EcualdorCountry ContactMaria
El SalvadorCountry ContactRosa María Hernánde, Désirée Mazier, Celina Ganuza , Patricia Morales, FB: Bendici—n de òtero El Salvador: Womb Blessing Miranda
FranceCountry ContactMarion Meyer, Sonia Paris, Camille Genivet, Cyrielle GarciaWeb
FB group
FranceMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherEmy
FranceWorkshop organiserEmy
FranceWorkshop organiserVeronica
FranceWorkshop organiserSonia
GermanyCounty ContactIzabela
GermanyMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherBettina M. Kreissl
GermanyWorkshop organiserMonika
IrelandCountry ContactShauna Maria Brady, Jennifer Connell, Evelyn Greem FB
FB group
IrelandMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherMayella
IrelandWorkshop organiserMayella Almazan
ItalyCountry ContactValeria Trisoglio, Lucia
ItalyMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherVeronica
ItalyWorkshop organiserValeria Trisoglio, Lucia
LuxembourgCountry ContactSuzana Sorg, Isabelle Mondy, Nadine WelterFB groupÊ
MexicoAdministration TeamLiliana Basauri Aguilar, Nayeli Nateras, Branya EsparzawwWB FB:
wwwWB webpage:
Instagram: wombblessingmexico
MexicoMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherMayella
MexicoMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherKatia Inigo
MexicoWorkshop organiserLiliana Basauri
PortugalCountry ContactAisha
PortugalWorkshop organiserAisha
SpainCountry ContactTeresa Oryarzabal, Matilda Domiguez, Eva Morral Web
SpainWorkshop organiserAndrea Micheli
SpainWorkshop organiserMercè Cando
SwitzerlandCountry ContactValérie Grand, Solange Brungard Guenaud, Erika Vercellini FB
SwitzerlandMoon Mother level 1 TeacherBettina Kreissl
SwitzerlandWorkshop organiser (German & French)Bettina Kreissl
SwitzerlandWorkshop organiser (French)Solange Brungaurd
UKCountry ContactHeidi Wyldewood, Adeola Sheehy-Adekale, Kerry Kwiatkowska, Helen GialiaswwWB FB:
wwWB web:
UKMoon Mother Level 1 TeacherMayella
UKWorkshop organiserHeidi
UruguayCountry ContactAna Ines Gadea, Virginia Baquet, Natalia Gimenez, Carolina Suárez FB: Bendici˜on de ôtero Uruguay
USACountry ContactAlba Acosta, Rieka larga, Indhira Gratereaux, Juliana Lopes, Mariana Halperin web
USAMoon Mother level 1 TeacherJessica McCleskey
USAMoon Mother level 1 TeacherBarbara
USAWorkshop organiser (FL)Barbara
USAWorkshop organiser (NY)Alba Acosta, Siomara

Please be patient for a reply – at times the volunteer teams can be very busy!