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Spring Maiden? – It’s winter!

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Spring MaidenThe energies of the earth change during the year depending, on the tilt of the earth towards or away from the sun. At the winter solstice the earth starts to change her direction, and in the northern hemisphere the days start to lengthen – even if we are not aware of it. Traditionally, the time of the Winter Crone began at Halloween and ended around the 1st February when she turns into the Spring Maiden.

The Maiden emerges tentatively from the darkness of the underworld. She is born into a land of snow and ice, of grey skies, leafless trees and icy water. She is inquisitive in her new world, exploring her senses and delighting in everything the world shows her. Depending on local tradition, the Snow Maiden can ride an elk, a polar bear, an ermine, a white winter hare, a wolf or a magical animal. She embodies the openness of a young girl, the innocent joy of the heart, and the lack of deception. She is the curious intellect, the explorer, the path finder pushing through the snows.

Just as we change from the Crone at menstruation into the Maiden energies of the pre-ovulation phase, the change in the season is gradual. In the early days the Maiden still remembers the darkness; we still feel the withdrawal of menstruation. But gradually the Maiden grows into her full powers, and then vibrant life force runs through her as she melts the snows, encourages the animals to wake and helps the trees to bud.

Whatever the weather on the surface of the world, the Crone of withdrawal and darkness is reborn as the Snow Maiden. Whatever happens in our lives, the Crone of menstruation gives way to the Maiden of pre-ovulation. And although her energies may be young, we feel the change in our womb.

So if you live in the northern hemisphere, the energies of the link between your womb and the earth will change around the 1st February into the first stirrings of the Spring Maiden vibration. This is an amazing transition time, because you have the ability to remember the underworld and look towards the outer world. As women we stand between the worlds.

If you would like to find out more about the Maiden, I am giving a talk and a workshop as part of the annual Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, UK, in August – see for more details.