Volunteer artists and graphic designers

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I am sure that you will agree that the Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletters, websites and memes look amazing. These images are a wonderful expression of female creativity and spirituality, and we have many volunteer artists and designers around the world who help the Womb Blessing to spread.

For each Worldwide Womb Blessing we feature a different artist, and it is a real delight for us to share such amazing work with you.

We would like to offer a really big thank you to all the artists who have been involved, and also to the graphic designers who turn this artwork into banners and memes to catch the attention and delight the mind and heart and inspire women to take part in the Blessing.

To see who has been a Worldwide Womb Blessing volunteer artist see: link

To volunteer your artwork for use in the Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletter and emails, please contact the Artists’ Manager Ursula: artist-manager@wombblessing.com

To volunteer your graphic design skills to the Admin Team and become a Spinner, contact Graphic Manager Emy Shamanka: graphic-manager@wombblessing.com