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Cyclic Goddess Pendant

This beautiful silver pendant designed by Miranda in collaboration with Moon Mother Chetna represents an expression of the mysteries of the Divine Feminine in the cycles of our body, of the Earth, of the Moon and in the cycles of the Universe.

Each cycle is a flowing dance from darkness to light, from the inner world to outer world, from endings to beginnings. The light of the Divine Mother is represented by the Moonstone ‘Full Moon’ at the top of the pendant, and the darkness of the withdrawn Crone is represented by the golden disc at the base.

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Womb Blessing shop

Womb Blessing shopMoon Mother Andrea has produced a wonderful range of official Womb Blessing products including bowls, mugs, pendants and stones. See her beautiful new web shop at

Blue Moon Essences for use with the Womb Blessing

Blue Moon Blessing EssenceThe Blue Moon Blessing Essence has been created by one of the first Moon Mothers. Use daily after the Personal Blessing or after the Worldwide Womb Blessing to help you to ground and integrate the beautiful energies and to bring the Divine Feminine into your life. It is especially supportive for Active Moon Mothers and the spray has the most beautiful scent. I highly recommend it and use it in all my Moon Mother training workshops.

Clarity Vibrations website:

Womb Blessing jewellery

Moon Mother Chetna can supply these beautiful silver Womb Tree Pendants.