Anniversary 2022 – 10 years Worldwide Womb Blessing

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Welcome to the 10th Anniversary Year of the Worldwide Womb Blessing®!

Miranda Gray

It’s a real delight for me to celebrate this special year with you and with all the women around the world. 

Over the past 10 years we have reached out in love and welcomed all women to receive the Womb Blessing to heal, awaken, and celebrate their female energies. With over 250,000 women having received the Worldwide Womb Blessing, the journey for me has been one of wonder, passion, and honour. You have all been an amazing inspiration in my life, and you have my heartfelt gratitude for making my vision and dream of the Womb Blessing spreading freely across the global a reality. Thank you.

So to celebrate, wherever you are in the world, and whether this is your first Worldwide Womb Blessing or you have been with us from the start, I would like to share some gifts with you this year so that we can all dance together in love, support, and celebration of who we are – amazing, wonderful, creative, sensual, powerful, and magical women! 

Many hugs 

Miranda x


Worldwide Womb Blessing Moonlit Path countdown calendar.

See the Moonlit Path countdown calendar here and check out today’s inspiration or meditation – in five languages!
Opens on April 19th! | EN | ES | FR | IT | DE | BRA POR

I was really inspired to create an ‘advent’ calendar for the Worldwide Womb Blessing. In the month before Blessing Day, you can begin to walk the moonlit path with our countdown calendar. Each day you can see an image from one of the amazing volunteer artists who have let us use their work freely for the Womb Blessing newsletters over the past 10 years. Each day also offers an inspirational message or a new meditation for you to enjoy. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Moon Mother Vanessa for helping me to create the calendar. 

The calendar will be available for the first six months of the year.



New: Archetype Meditations for the Worldwide Womb Blessing®

New Archetype Meditations for the Worldwide Womb BlessingI have written four new Archetype Meditations for the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

In Red Moon menstrual tradition, our female energies express themselves through Four Female Archetypes – the Maiden (pre-ovulation), the Mother (ovulation), the Enchantress (pre-menstrual), and the Crone (menstruation).

As our womb energy centres are connected energetically to the Earth, the season of the Earth influences our expression of our cyclic energies – and so each Worldwide Womb Blessing has a seasonal Archetype meditation.

To celebrate this year I have written four new meditations, one for each Archetype, and we will be launching them throughout the year.

Find them on the download page after registration!


New: Dark Moon Meditation for 2022 – The Crone’s Cauldron of Blessings 

The Crone's Cauldron of Blessings MeditationOfficial 13 Dark Moon Meditation events.

Meditation by Miranda Gray

Online events organized by Moon Mother Teachers Ursula Schröder, Katia Inigo, and Barbara Jordan.

On the Tuesday nearest the Dark Moons this year, join us to place three ‘dream-seeds’ in the Crone Archetype’s cauldron to bring awakening, strength, and new gifts and opportunities of love and light to our lives and to the lives of all women. With each monthly meditation the Crone nourishes our dream-seeds so that they manifest into the world!

Each meditation event is at 11pm GMT and is in English and Spanish.

Contact Ursula to join the international group:

Download the Crone’s Cauldron of Blessings Mediation: EN, CRO, ITA, ESP, GER, FRA


Celebration events and groups

I am asking the Womb Blessing Community around the world to create their own celebration events throughout 2022. If you have never run a Worldwide Womb Blessing group – in-person or online – perhaps organise one or more this year and meet other women walking the path of their female energies. You could plant a Womb Tree, run a Full Moon Meditation group, create a Womb Blessing painting project, write music or a poem to share with a group, create a Womb Blessing altar in a public place to create awareness, or give talks or create videos on how to take part and what it feels like for you. I am sure you will have many ideas – especially in your Enchantress (pre-menstrual phase)!

Resources for groups and events


I would like to give a big ‘thank you’ to Moon Mothers Julia and Veronica who have created a wonderful badge for everyone to use to celebrate this anniversary year. Please use it to advertise your events and celebration projects and be proud to show that you have taken part in the Womb Blessings this year!


I would also like to thank Veronika Stadler and Moia for providing their wonderful track ‘Circle of Sisters’ as the anthem our special celebration. You may download the track for free to use at any of your Womb Blessing events, gatherings and circles, or you can use it as backing music for Womb Blessing slideshows and videos.

Wherever and whenever you use the track please give the following credit:

“The song ‘Circle of Sisters’ from the album ‘In Circles of Sisters’ by Moia, used with kind permission. See for more beautiful music from Moia.”

I love this music, and a very big ‘thank you’ to Moia and you can find their album called ‘In Circles of Sisters’ at

Playlists for Meditations and Groups

Dark Moon Meditation
Worldwide Womb Blessing Music