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Newsletter May 2014

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Welcome, women of the Worldwide Womb Blessing!

Worldwide Womb Blessing May 2014


The next Worldwide Womb Blessing is 14th May 2014. Have you registered yet? Don’t miss out!

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A message from Miranda:

“Spring has finally come to the UK after a winter of continuous storms and the spring flowers are beautiful. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere the Earth Mother is awakening, reborn as the Spring Maiden after her winter menstruation and withdrawal as the Old Crone. The new additional meditation for the May Blessing is about opening up our sensuality and accepting our sacred sexuality in all its forms.

For women in the Southern hemisphere the Earth Mother is now beginning her journey down the steps into the darkness of the labyrinth. She is the Enchantress who is magical, wild, and beautiful.

We now have additional meditations for each of the Womb Blessings through the year, and these meditations follow the energies of the Earth Mother.

If you live in the Southern hemisphere, you may like to do the additional meditations in tune with the energies of your land. So the meditations you should choose are:

May meditation -‘Healing the Mother Ancestors’ meditation (‘Accepting our sexuality’ in the North)
August meditation – ‘Womb Renewal’ meditation (‘Abundance’ in the North)
October meditation – ‘Accepting our sexuality’ meditation (‘Healing the Mother Ancestors’ in the North)
December meditation – ‘Circle of Sisters’ (the same for both hemispheres)
February meditation – ‘Abundance’ meditation (‘Womb Renewal’ in the North)

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What is a Womb Blessing? I explain in this video!



2014 is a busy year for me, teaching both Womb Blessing workshops, Red Moon workshops and Advanced Moon Mother training workshops all over the world. All workshops are given in English with translation. Workshop manuals are available in a number of languages. To find out about workshops near you, see > workshop calendar 2014

Love and hugs

Miranda x”


Womb Blessing USA! Irvine California 26th-27th April.

Womb Blessing USA! Workshop 29th-30th April Las Vegas

Sensuality MeditationSensuality and Sexuality – the new, additional meditation for after the May Womb Blessing

It is time to allow the flower of our sexuality to open and for us to accept it in all its beauty and enjoy how it naturally expresses itself in our lives. Freed from fear, limitation and expectation we can discover our true sexual sacredness.

You can download a PDF of this beautiful and powerful meditation from the ‘download’ web page after you have registered.

> Register now for the May Blessing and download the new May meditation.


Sharing the Blessing

Ask yourself who could benefit from the Blessing. Invite them to join!

The Worldwide Womb Blessing started from just 20 emails – if we each sent 20 emails inviting women to join us in May, just imagine how many more women would be in the Worldwide Womb Blessing family!


Moon Mothers in different countries

I have asked Moon Mothers to tell us a little about what they do where they live. Paki from Barcelona tells us us about the 100 Moon Mothers in her city.

Moon Mothers in Barcelona – from Moon Mother Paki de la Villa

Paki de la VillaHere in Barcelona there is a great response to Womb Blessing with many women having taken part in Worldwide Womb Blessings. At this moment we have 100 Moon Mothers in Barcelona with lots of things happening – we meet to share Womb Blessings and Womb Healings and we meet for the Moon Mother Full Moon Blessing. Many Moon Mothers run Worldwide Womb Blessing groups and women’s circles for women to share their personal stories.

On the 9th of March we were invited to participate in the First Festival of Women of Barcelona, and we organised an exhibition of Moon Mothers. We had a stand, distributed information, gave Womb Blessings and talks. This gathering has motivated us to organise more and we have created a Blog for Moon Mothers in Barcelona

Meet the women behind the Womb Blessing

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is supported by wonderful volunteer Country Administrators who look after the Moon Mothers and the women in their countries.

Meet Marianne, the Administrator for French-speaking Switzerland, who is also an organiser for my workshops in Switzerland.

Marianne Grasseli Meier“I’m Marianne and I live in the French part of Switzerland. I’ve run a women’s circle for 14 years now based on native eco-spirituality, the expression of the voice and body and shamanic drums. We now have a group of over 140 women. We co-create each ritual at the change of each season. For the last 10 years I have also included knowledge of the feminine cycle based on self-creativity. I really want, wish, and hope that every woman is able to find her own path, her own power of creation and reliance.”

Here are three testimonials from Womb Healings and Womb Blessings that I gave:

‘I feel myself more and more lively!.. and guess what!?: here it is: I’m pregnant, with happiness and serenity.’

‘I don’t have any pain any more in my womb. I feel calm and full. I realise that something is asking my body and my soul for all this to go on in all my body. So… I have begun to clean and make order in my life.’

“I realised that my neck has no pain any more. Then something very deep and strong comes out; something about my sexuality for all these past years. Tears and tears went out, telling me that I don’t want to live such things now in my life, that i want something deeper, larger, bigger… I can’t find words for it: a real sharing, a spiritual path to share with an Other.’”


Meet Lou, Canadian organiser for Ottawa and Moon Mother.

“I came across the training coming up in the UK in 2103, and knew straight away I needed to do it, I booked my flights to my native homeland and from then on everything moved really fast! I had been looking for a house here in Canada, with space to offer home treatments & workshops for women, we found it & bought it that same week! Whilst doing the Moon Mother training it was as though I was coming home finally, to be offered this sacred women’s knowledge that I had craved all my life but didn’t know what is was I was missing. I am now surrounded by wise and intuitive women around the world who form this incredible sisterhood. We are once again picking up the threads of what’s been lost and nurturing the wisdom back into life”.

Louise Hayden, Moon Mother Ottawa, On/Gatineau, Qc, March 2014



Womb Blessing Seminar

My first online interview on the Womb Blessing is being hosted by Yoga Goddess Zahra Haji from Toronto, Canada. The topic of our interview is ‘How the Womb Blessing Can Support Fertility’. To be part of the event  on Monday April 21st at 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, take a moment to register via and you will receive FREE access to this live training.

In this free, live training you will learn:

  • The top 5 ways your fertility will benefit from a womb blessing and what you can do to begin as soon as possible.
  • The #1 mindset shift you need to make around your female body and fertility to decrease worry and increase your joy around conceiving.  (This is probably not what you would expect.)
  • What women before us knew for millennia about women’s wombs and the moon and how to use that ancient wisdom to drastically improve the results of getting pregnant naturally or through Assisted Reproductive Technologies.
  • 4 ways to free your sex drive no matter where you are in your cycle.
  • How the negative thoughts you have around your period may be impacting your fertility and undermining your confidence as a woman.


Be part of the worldwide spiritual movement to celebrate the female body and the Divine Feminine – register now and join over 65,000 women and 1,300 Moon Mothers from over 130 different countries and territories on May 14th!