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My Womb Blessing experience

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Thank you to Celia in the UK for sending me her experiences 🙂

I opened the shutters and pulled back the curtains to allow the full moon to cast its magical blue-white light into the silent room. I could see the round silver moon face framed in the window.

Gradually, as I laid my hands over my stomach, I allowed myself to reflect on the images Miranda had suggested, the tree roots spreading down deep into the core of the earth, its branches reaching up into the sky and above. In the still, silent peace I felt warm and comfortable; heavy and grounded, yet light and floating at the same time.

I let my thoughts reach beyond the bedroom, beyond the house, the woods outside, beyond the sea nearby to other lands where other women would be doing the same meditation in their own surroundings yet under the same moonlight.

What I experienced was simply a sense of the tremendous energy of the universe; the joy of sharing that special gift of simply being alive in this beautiful world; the power and the healing energy generated by the global community of women in Miranda’s attunement blessing.

When I opened my eyes the skies had clouded and the moon was hidden. How lucky I was!