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Bringing the Divine Feminine into your groups and meetings

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Group of women
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When women get together in a group or in a meeting, how can we create interaction which is authentically female, non-ego based, respectful and allowing?

So often we bring our own agenda to a group or to a meeting – perhaps we are angry because of a message someone sent to us, or perhaps someone totally ignored our feelings. Maybe we feel powerless and we want status or recognition, or maybe we want appreciation and love.

We also bring to the group or meeting the archetype that we are currently embodying – how she feels about situations, and how we feel about her. A complex mix!

How can we create a harmonious group?  How can we create an approach where we value each woman, help her to feel empowered and to leave the ego’s fears behind?

We can start the meeting or group by each woman in turn saying:

I am (archetype name) and today I feel…

The group responds:

We respect the (archetype name) in you and welcome the feelings and voice of the (archetype).

For women in ‘transition days’, where they feel the energies of two archetypes, they can declare both.

For women in peri-menopause, they declare their phase and their Enchantress stage of life.

For post-menopause women, up to 10 years after last blood, they declare their Enchantress stage of life and any archetype energies they feel they are currently embodying. For women 10 years or more post-menopause they declare their Crone stage of life and their active or receptive Cone energies.

The group then together acknowledges:

In this circle of women, we embody the archetypes of the Divine Feminine – (name the archetypes present in the group or meeting).

We are the cycle of the stars, the cycle of the Moon, the cycle of the Earth, the cycle of the seas, the cycle of life and the cycle of women. We are in the presence of the Universal Cyclic Feminine.


We respect the voice and feelings of each female archetype and we feel gratitude for the gifts they bring:
– the dynamic energy and goals of the Maiden
– the loving and empathic energies of the Mother
– the creative inspiration and cutting of the Enchantress
– the wisdom and vision of the Crone


We meet here in this circle with their gifts to offer service for the highest good of all and to bring the love and light of the Divine Feminine into the world.

Throughout the meeting or group, when you exchange ideas and feelings, acknowledge the archetype within you; for example, ‘As Crone, I feel….’, ‘As Maiden I will…’. This reminds both you and the other women which archetype you embody.

Also respectfully acknowledge the archetype in the other women as you speak – for example, ‘I know the Maiden may be impatient with this timing, however…’

If you have a big group, perhaps ask the women to wear something as a visual reminder of their current archetype.

Finally, use the gifts of the archetypes. Use the Maiden for scheduling and immediate action, the Mother for empathising and communication, the Enchantress to identify problems and for creative ideas, and the Crone to make sure the group keeps focused on the bigger vision.

And of course, if there are unresolved problems and issues simply wait about a week for the phases to change and have another group or meeting – this way everyone can experience the situation from a different viewpoint!


This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es