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Meeting your Moon Animals

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‘Moon Animals’ are Power Animals or Spirit Animals that guide us through the mystery and magic of our Divine Feminine energies. Lying within the subconscious moonscape of our Womb Tree, they bring us gentle supportive messages, healing, and validation of our cycle, our female nature and energies, and our soul-path. They are representatives of the energies and wisdom, guidance and gifts of the Four Female Archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Crone. 

Moon Animals are also a way for us to communicate directly with our womb’s energies, our phases, and our Archetypes. Talking to our Moon Animals, sharing our feelings, and asking for their feelings, builds a beautiful interactive relationship with our femininity and the Divine Feminine within us. Our Moon Animals curl up next to us and bring us comfort and support when we need it, they offer us unconditional love and their energies and magic when we need their qualities in our lives. Which Moon Animal represents the magical energies and messages of an Archetype is personal – but there are many correspondences in mythology and folklore which can guide us. To find out a little more about Moon Animals you can find them in my book ‘Red Moon’

Working with our Moon Animals is very intuitive, and communication is often through feelings and images which we then interpret or describe with words. Moon Animals often enter our dreams when an Archetype wishes to tell us something, and these dreams can be challenging if we are ignoring, judging, or blocking aspects of our female energies. They can also appear regularly in dreams to announce our ovulation or a menstruation, or step into our dreams to bring us jewels of wisdom in our post-menopause years.

Starting to work with our Moon Animals is easy, because they respond to our conscious attention. 

You may like to do the short meditation below to invite your Moon Animals to meet you, or you may like to use my animal oracle deck ‘The Beasts of Albion’, available in English on Amazon, as a first step towards meeting your Moon power or spirit animals. You may also like to join me in a live Zoom International Moon Animal Meditation on the 13th August in English with Spanish translation. For more information, contact

‘Encounter a Moon Animal’ meditation:

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

In front of you stands the most beautiful tree under the night sky. The large trunk splits into two main branches, and lying above the tree is a beautiful Full Moon. This is your Womb Tree.

The Full Moon bathes you and the tree in beautiful soft white light. Moonlight flows over you and through you.

At the base of the tree is a small golden bell.

Take a deep breath, and ring the bell to call your Moon Animal. A beautiful note rings out, and the leaves of your Womb Tree rustle.

Take another deep breath and relax and wait. 

Open your heart and feel love towards the animal you call to you. 

Be open to any experiences, any feelings and images, and be soft, loving, and gentle with any animal that appears. 

Enjoy your encounter.

When you are ready to finish, bring your awareness to your lower belly and to the Earth beneath you.

Take a deep breath.
Feel gratitude for this experience.
Open your eyes.

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br es