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Discover the gifts of this Maiden Womb Blessing Year!

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Discover the gifts of this Maiden Womb Blessing Year
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Every year the Womb Blessing community is given the gifts of a specific archetype, and this archetype influences our phases, ourselves and our lives. But we women are a complex weaving of energies – so the archetype’s gifts blend with the other energy cycles that influence us.

The most impactful of these is the menstrual cycle, which is why I usually start by introducing women to the archetypes and phases of the body’s cycle. But there are also other natural cycles that can influence us.

Our wombs are connected energetically to the Earth, and so when the season of the Earth changes the energy flowing into our womb energy centre also changes.

Our wombs are also connected to the Moon’s energies, so when her energy changes with her changing phases we also experience a change in our own womb energy centre.

If we are part of the ‘Womb Blessing Community’ – any person who has received a Womb Blessing either in a worldwide event or in person – then we also have the influence of the archetype of the Womb Blessing.

In 2012 when the Womb Blessing first started, we stepped into the world with Maiden energies, because the Maiden is associated with beginnings. In the following year the Mother archetype energies influenced the Blessing community, helping us all to be productive and to create many loving relationships and networks.

Over the last two years we have experienced the influence of the inner world energies – of the Enchantress and the Crone – and now is the time to step back out into the light and to run and jump and dance with joy! 😊

So, in this year the Maiden’s magical energies are going to influence every archetype of your cycle. She will enhance your Maiden phase, bringing lots of goals and self-belief, and she will influence the Mother phase – perhaps by reducing empathy a little and keeping us goal-focused even in this altruistic phase.

The Maiden’s dynamic magic will mix with the changing energies of the Enchantress, helping us to maintain longer and higher ‘peaks’ of energy and not go so deeply into the ‘troughs’ of energy. This may help us to feel more active and outward-focused on days when we are usually starting to withdraw and hibernate. In the Crone phase the Maiden Year’s magic will keep us from going too deep into soul-thinking, so we may find that we will lose a little of the inner guidance that we are used to and will need to deliberately check that we are focusing the Maiden’s energy in the right direction and not scattering it too far in too many projects.

To easily find out who you are this year, to understand the influence of the Maiden and when best to use her magic, place four images on the door of your fridge to remind you of the cycles and influences:

  • One image: To show the archetype season of the Earth
  • One image: To show your menstrual cycle archetype
  • One image: To show the archetype phase of the Moon
  • A final image of the Maiden to remind you that when you dance with her energies this year you will make things happen!

And check your diary for the days in the Spring  (Maiden energies) when you are in your pre-ovulation phase at the same time as the waxing Moon, because this ‘Super-Maiden magic time’ will really bring the magic of the Maiden Year into your life!



This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es