Moon Mother® login areas

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These areas contain resources and information for Moon Mothers. You will need the password given to you in your training workshop to access these areas. If you can’t find the password, please contact your Country Co-ordination Team.

There are three areas depending on your qualification:

Moon Mother® Questions and Answers

All the Moon Mother resources are held in the Moon Mother login area of this website.

You will need your username and password to enter the area.

First check your manual – the more recent editions have your username and password printed in the manual.

If you do not have a manual with this information, please contact your Country Contact to ask for the username and password. You will need to provide her with the name, email address and location you gave at certification and the date and location of the workshop you attended.

If you do not have a Country Co-ordinator please contact providing the same information.

Yes there is. It is included in recent editions of the manual, or you can find a pdf to download on the ‘International list of authorised Moon Mothers’
The one-day level 2 Moon Mother workshop helps a Moon Mother to grow spiritually and as a healer as she walks her path as a Moon Mother®.

The Moon Mother receives a level 2 initiation, allowing her to offer the higher vibrational Level 2 Womb Blessing attunements and level 2 Womb Healings and to use the Moon Mother energetic symbol. She is also taught additional spiritual practices and techniques, include giving The Gift to men and giving Female Soul Healings.

Students need to be experienced in giving the Womb Blessing attunement and the Womb Healing, as this workshop expands on these techniques. Ideally, students should be practitioners giving Womb Blessing attunements or running Worldwide Womb Blessing groups.

An Moon Mother® Mentor is a Level 2 Moon Mother® who has received Womb Blessing® mentor training.

The Moon Mother® Mentor qualification is for Moon Mothers® who wish to guide women on their path of growing authentic femininity. Mentoring is based on the Womb Healing to help women to understand their cyclic nature more deeply, to live a life that stops the blocks and depletions, and to help women to stay connected to the beautiful aspects of their archetypes awakened by the Womb Blessing.

Students need to be Level 2 Moon Mothers®. There is no required waiting period between taking Level 2 and the Moon Mother® Mentor workshops

Being a Moon Mother is a path of personal development as well as a path of service. When a Moon Mother gives a Womb Blessing attunement she receives one as well, but if she does not live her life aware of her four archetypes then she will lose connection again with the new aspects the Blessing has given her. Also, if she does not live her life in harmony with her four female archetypes she will continue to regularly block and deplete her archetypal energies and create imbalance between them.

Sadly there is not enough time in the Moon Mother workshops to introduce the four female archetypes and to explain how to live in harmony with their energies, so Miranda offers additional workshops and books. The Red Moon workshop introduces the concept of the four archetypes in an experiential and spiritual format, and The Optimized Woman workshop shows to practically apply the concept in the modern world in our work and to create fulfilment and goal-achievement.

Moon Mothers may use the Moon Mother logo and the Womb Tree image for promotional materials for their work as Moon Mothers only. These logos may not be used on products for sale.

Copies of graphics for the logo are provided to download from the Moon Mother login area.

Moon Mothers are asked to keep the integrity of the system, not for reasons of control but to help them and their Receivers to have the deepest possible level of healing and awakening.

As more and more women around the world use the same Womb Blessing Meditation, and more Moon Mothers use the same techniques, the meditation and techniques are growing in vibration and women are connecting more quickly, bringing the fastest healing and more amazing changes to their lives.

However, there are also strong energetic and personal integrity reasons not to change the words or sequences.

If a Moon Mother makes any changes to the Womb Blessing attunement sequence, she will not give the attunement. Her Receiver will have a nice energy experience like the Womb Healing, but she will not receive the transformational and awakening aspects of the attunement and she will not go through the birthing process. Also, the Moon Mother will not receive a Womb Blessing attunement herself – and so not continue her own path of grow.

Also, if a Moon Mother makes any changes to the Womb Blessing Meditation, her Receiver will not connect to the vibration of Divine Feminine Love used in the Womb Blessing system. The Receiver will have a nice experience, but she will not receive the attunement or experience the awakening and birthing process.

Women around the world also need to feel confident that all Moon Mothers are working with the proper techniques and vibration. If a Moon Mother changes or adapts the techniques, she is not keeping the integrity of the system and not acting as a ‘Miranda Gray Moon Mother’. To use the Moon Mother name or the promotional materials would be to misrepresent what she is giving to her Receiver.

For more answers to questions about being a Moon Mother® log in to the Moon Mother login area.