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Ideas for organising your Womb Blessing group

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Womb TreeWhy not organise a Worldwide Womb Blessing group?

It’s easy and fun!  And whenever we do energy work with other people the energy levels increase. This means that we can experience more healing, deeper meditations and an increased awareness of the presence of the energy and the Divine Feminine. If you are new to energy work or meditations, the group vibration can also help you to meditate and experience the energy.

Another obvious reason for running a group is the wonderful feeling of connection and love and sharing with women whose hearts and souls have brought them to the energy. Even if only a few women meet together, perhaps a couple of friends or family members, there is a wealth of love and experience shared. Those women with menstrual cycles bring the perspective of their different energy archetypes and those women without a cycle bring the wisdom and depth of a Complete Woman. Whatever our age or experience we all have something to offer.

But most of all the main reason for running a public group is to meet with new like-minded women, to enjoy and celebrate being female, and to share our healing, experiences and our connection to each other and to the Divine Feminine.

Any woman can run a worldwide Womb Blessing group, so why not organise something small and spread the word? You never know, like my own experience of the Womb Blessing, you may be surprised at how many women wish to join!

Here are a few guidelines on what you can do:

1. The time for the group. Decide on a time for the group. The times in the UK are 12.00, 18.00 and 24.00. Go to to see conversions to other time zones.

If the Womb Blessing times do not suit you, you can hold the group AFTER the Blessing time you have chosen for the group. The gift of the Blessing energy will have been sent to everyone at the four UK times, but to ‘unwrap’ the gift you need to do the Womb Blessing meditation. However, you can do this meditation at any time after the Womb Blessing time.

2. Inviting everyone. Invite women to the group by word of mouth, emails, posters, Facebook.

Women need to register their name and the group time, or you can do this for them yourself. You will need their full name and email address to do this.

Warn women with a slow internet connection that after they have filled in the form and clicked on the ‘Submit’ button on the registration page, they need to wait to see the ‘Confirmation’ web page load. If this does not happen, they are not successfully registered.

If you are registering each woman yourself, check that they have received the confirmation email and are able to download the Womb Blessing documents. There is a pre-Blessing meditation they may like to do. The documents also outline what they need to bring for the Blessing and what will happen.

A woman can still take part in the group meditation even if she hasn’t registered; however, she will not receive the energy from me unless she has registered. I need women’s names as a focus to send the energy.

You may wish to charge a small fee for organising the group. The Womb Blessing energy is a gift and therefore it is free, but you can charge for any direct costs you may have.

3. Other exercises. Decide if you are going to do any other meditations, ritual or practices before or after the Womb Blessing. Some women like to create a Full Moon ceremony specific to their spiritual tradition; others like to offer a Full Moon feast afterwards.

4. Appoint a reader. Decide on who will read the meditations out loud on the day.

5. Remind everyone. Nearer the time of the Womb Blessing, remind everyone to make sure they have registered and to bring to the group two small Womb Bowls, a candle for one of their bowls, and a shawl and perhaps cushions to sit on.

6. Things you will need. Buy bottles of water for filling the Womb Bowls – or you can use tap water, but put it in a bottle or jug to pour from. You may like to decorate the room with a vase of flowers and images that symbolise the Divine Feminine. You may also like to have incense burning and gentle music playing.

Organise a few spare ‘tea light’ candles and bowls just in case women forget to bring them. You will also need a lighter or matches. Note: Make sure the venue is happy for you to have candles and water, and make sure that you place the Womb Bowls on fire-safe and water-safe surfaces.

Even if you are not having celebration food at the end of the Blessing, it is important that everyone eats a snack to ground them before leaving. Provide some biscuits, or fruit or nuts, and have them on a plate for everyone to share at the end.

You can always host the Womb Blessing outside if the weather is nice!

7. On the day. Ask everyone arrive early so that they can get comfortable. If you are all sitting on the floor you may wish to ask women to bring cushions to sit on. Some women may not be able to sit on the floor for 20 minutes, so make sure you have a few chairs available. If you have the space, you may like to sit everyone in a circle – but this is not necessary.

Ask everyone to sit with their two bowls in front of them and their shawls around their shoulders. Pass bottles of water around the group so that they can fill their left Womb Bowl with water. You can then either light a main candle and pass it round for them to light their own candles, or pass round matches or a lighter. If you have children in the room, please be very careful of the candles and water.

8. What about men? Men are very welcome to be involved in the Womb Blessing, but they cannot receive the Blessing energy. There is a separate meditation for them which can be read out loud after the Womb Blessing – see the download page with the meditation pdfs. You were sent a link to this web page in a confirmation email; if you have lost it, simply re-register and you will be sent another confirmation email.

As there is no transfer of energy involved for men, they do not need to register.

9. What about children? There is no reason why young boys and girls cannot be present.

Young girls of any age are welcome to take part in the Womb Blessing meditation. However, if they have not yet experienced their first Bleeding please don’t register them for the Womb Blessing energy. Our bodies need a cycle to integrate the energies of the Womb Blessing.

10. What about women without a cycle or a womb? Pregnant women, menopausal women, and women without a womb may all take part in the Womb Blessing. The Divine Feminine accepts all women.

Womb Tree

11. Doing the meditation.  Make sure you have a printout of the Womb Blessing attunement meditation and the ‘Sharing the Womb Blessing’ meditation.

At the registered time, or after this time, have someone slowly read out the Womb Blessing meditation, allowing everyone time to visualise the images.

Play suitable soothing music for about 20 minutes as everyone relaxes and receives the energy.

Then have someone else read out the ‘Sharing the Womb Blessing’ meditation, and allow everyone to send the energy for about 10 – 15 minutes. This meditation is optional.

You may like to finish with 5 minutes of the self-healing exercise.

Follow the guidance in the Womb Blessing attunement pdf document on how to end the meditations.

12. After the meditation. At the end of the meditations tell everyone to drink the water from their Womb Bowl, as it will have absorbed the energy of the Blessing.

Encourage everyone to share experiences with the woman next to them. In large groups some women may be too shy to speak to the whole group about their experiences.

Finally, ask everyone if they would like to join the group for the next worldwide Womb Blessing. Encourage them to join the Womb Blessing community at to meet up with other women who have experienced the Blessing. Share photos, stories, experiences, artwork and poems, inspired by the Womb Blessing! And don’t forget to advertise your next Worldwide Womb Blessing group there as well :o)

This post is also available in: en fr