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Huge thanks from Miranda

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Thank you!What an amazing year! 😊 We now have almost 5,500 Moon Mothers around the world and approaching 200,000 women in the worldwide community.

This year we created the new International Moon Mother Admin team to centralise technique questions and answers and updates, so we can share the information quickly and easily in seven different languages. 😊 I would like to give a big thank you to the core team – the “Weavers” Veronica, HeliA and Ursula – and also to the rest of the team who have been amazing in setting everything up and also in creating beautiful graphics and new projects.

MM HeliA is also now running the WB Instagram account, MM Ursula is the Country Co-ordination Team Manager, and MM Bettina is the new Moon Mother Manual Manager.

The questions raised in the Admin MM FB groups are a great help to me and to the MM Level 1 Teachers for us to know where MMs need more help and clarification. And I love the variety of questions – from simple to profound. All are welcome!


January 2018 saw the first Level 3 workshops, with the first one in Mexico, and it has been an amazing journey for me this year learning how to ground the new vibration and learn how to teach the new energy techniques. The feedback from the workshops and from Receivers of the new Womb Blessings has been wonderful, and I am so delighted that not only can I share the new Blessings with MMs but also that they are active in sharing the new energies with other women 😊

December is a month of updates for me, so I am updating all three Moon Mother manuals, not only to include new information from the workshops but also new answers to questions that MMs have asked me for. It is a big job for both me and the translators, so I am very grateful for their help.


This year has been a year of the Enchantress, and she has provoked many changes in our lives, in our work and in our relationships. From November her energies have started to transition, and on the 21st December the Womb Blessing will enter the Year of the Crone. Just as with our cycles we move through transition days from pre-menstrual energies to menstrual energies, we are moving through Enchantress energies to Crone. 2019 is going to be a year of resting, of deep spiritual insight, of forgiveness and acceptance, of letting go and of finding our soul-path. The key to the year will be to allow things to be as they are – not to fight or try to make things happen. Give everything to the Crone to look after, and she will nurture it in the darkness so that it can be reborn in new energies in the light of the Maiden year in 2020.


I could not follow the path of the Womb Blessing vision – to spread the Womb Blessing and the awakening of authentic femininity to as many women in the world as possible – without the amazing support of a huge number of volunteer helpers. I am reluctant to name everyone just in case I leave someone out, because every single one of you is important to the vision and to me.

Please as you read the list below, send your own ‘thank you’ to these amazing women.

‘Thank you’ – on behalf of everyone in the Worldwide Womb Blessing family for your love and hard work and service this year – to the volunteer:

TRANSLATORS – for the newsletters, for the Country Co-ordination, articles and memes for spreading the Worldwide Womb blessing, for Moon Mother articles, manuals and additional resources, and for the Facebook groups and emails.

CO-ORDINATION TEAMS – for following the Womb blessing Vision and reaching out to women to spread the Worldwide Womb Blessing in their country, for supporting local Moon Mothers and for bringing women and Moon Mothers together.

AREA REPRESENTATIVES – who work with the Co-ordination Teams to do the same service but in their local area.

WORKSHOP ORGANISERS – for their passion for the Womb Blessing and for my work and their willingness to spread it by organising, marketing and helping to run the workshops.

WORKSHOP HELPERS – for their help at all levels from looking after students to cleaning a toilet!

WORKSHOP INTERPRETERS – for their skill, focus and enthusiasm for the work, for the desire for clarity and for making it such a pleasure to work alongside them.

WOMB BLESSING AMBASSADORS – for their passion and enthusiasm, for working alongside the Co-ordination Teams to teach the introductory workshop and give talks to help more and more women across their country to discover the Womb Blessing.

WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA HELPERS – for helping us to build the new website and for managing my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

THE INTERNATIONAL MOON MOTHER ADMIN TEAM – Facebook moderators, Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletter editors and programmers, website programmers, graphics creation, management of over 50 global Co-ordination Teams and Country Contacts, additional resources creation and special projects management, organisation of the International Moon Mother Gathering, answering emails and posts, plus more activities.

MOON MOTHER LEVEL 1 APPRENTICES – for the help you are already offering to the organisation, to the Admin Team, to Moon Mothers, to Co-ordination Teams and to women around the world.

MOON MOTHER LEVEL 1 TEACHERS – for their enthusiasm and commitment to the Womb Blessing, but most importantly for their courage to step outside their comfort zone, to meet the challenge of regular Rebirth and profound clearing, to work with an energy that changes who we are and our lives. And also for their heart-felt guidance that no matter what happens the Womb Blessing is the right path for them.

A special thank-you to the Admin Team Weavers Veronica, Ursula and HeliA – without the help that you personally give me and Richard we would not reach so many women. The amount of time and energy that you put into working on the Womb Blessing is more than I could ever expect, and I am deeply grateful for this help. I hope that all Moon Mothers understand that they have become Moon Mothers because of the effort that you put into working alongside me. Your help is invaluable.

Finally a thank you to two very special people. Shila who is my Workshop Manager – without her help I could not manage to teach so many workshops in so many countries. I am not a natural organiser, so her help enables me to give my service. And to Richard, my husband. This year has been very challenging physically, mentally and emotionally, and I could not have managed if it was not for his love, support and strength – plus organising my trips with Shila and Workshop Organisers, working with Heidi and HeliA on Facebook, liaising with the Admin Team, building the Worldwide Womb Blessing newsletters with Veronica, supporting new Workshop Organisers, editing all my written materials and for doing all the registration for the Worldwide Womb Blessing and helping me with emails. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude and love.

So I just want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and Winter Festival, and an abundant 2019!

Love and hugs

Miranda xxx