Teachers and Facilitators

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Level 1 Moon Mother Teachers

Authorized Level 1 Moon Mother Teachers take apprenticeship training directly with Miranda Gray, and are then supported by Miranda are authorized to present the same structure, initiations, exercises, practices and teachings as she offers in her workshops.

Veronica Morosi
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher, Workshop Organiser
Find out more about Veronica
Ursula Schröder
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher
MailLearn more about Ursula
Jessica McCleskey Hood
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher
EmailFind out more about Jessica
Mayella Almazán-Arreola
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher

Ireland / UK / Mexico

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EmailFind out more about Mayella
Vanessa Castro
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher
EmailFind out more about Vanessa
Barbara Jordan
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher
EmailFind out more about Barbara
Katia Iñigo Delgado
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher
EmailFind out more about Katia
Bettina Kreissl Lonfat
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher, Workshop Organiser

Switzerland, Belgium , Germany & Austria

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Emy Shamanka
Moon Mother Level 1 Teacher, Workshop Organiser

Complementary Workshop Facilitators

Complementary workshop Facilitators are Advanced Moon Mothers who are authorised and supported by Miranda Gray to run additional workshops outlined by Miranda to support new Moon Mothers. These workshops are certificated and provide practise to refresh skills and an annual update on energy techniques. They offer a sanctuary to share experiences and ask questions, and the opportunity to experience meditations and activities about the four female archetypes.

Here is a list of current Complementary Workshop Facilitators:

ArgentinaUrsula Schröder (Founder Country Co-ordinator and Organizer)merlindacristal@gmail.com
BelgiumClaudia Olea (Founder Country Co-ordinator, French speaking Belgium)oleamariaclaudia@gmail.com
BrazilLarissa Lamas Pucci (Founder Country Co-ordinator, Workshop organiser)lariahmyo@gmail.com
BrazilJulia Larotonda (Workshop organiser)julialarotonda@gmail.com
ColombiaAlethia Yory (Founder Country Co-ordination, Workshop organiser) info@alternativasconzentido.com
FranceEmy ShamankaEmyshamanka@gmail.com (Workshop Organiser)
FranceNina Drecqnina.womb.blessing@gmail.com
IrelandMayella Almazan (Country Co-ordination Team and Workshop organiser) maye@embodyinnerbeauty.com
ItalyLaura Petronelli (Founder Country Co-ordinator and Workshop organiser)wombblessingitalia@gmail.com
ItalyValeria Trisoglio (Founder Country Co-ordinator and Worshop organiser) wombblessingitalia@gmail.com
ItalyVeronica Morosi (Level 1 Moon Mother Teacher)veronica.womb.blessing@gmail.com
PortugalAisha Axin (Level 1 students only) (Founder Country Co-ordinator and Workshop Organizer) aisha.axin@gmail.com
SpainMercè Cando Soler (Regional Representative , Workshop organiser, and Complementary Workshop Facilitator)mercecando@hotmail.com
Switzerland (French, German & English)Bettina Kreissl Lonfat (Workshop organiser)bmklonfat@gmail.com
UKHeidi Wyldewood ( Founder Country Co-ordinator and Workshop organiser)heidi.wyldewood@gmail.com
SpainAndrea Micheli (Ambassador Womb Blessing Spain, Workshop organiser, Complementary Workshop Facilitator, ‘Red Moon Workshop’ Facilitator)embajadorawb@espaimimat.es OR talleres@espaimimat.es
SwitzerlandSolange Brunguard Guenaudbrungardsolange@hotmail.com

‘Red Moon Workshop’ Facilitators

Authorized Red Moon Workshop Facilitators offer Miranda Gray’s ‘Red Moon Workshop’, presenting the same structure and core content that Miranda offers in her own workshops.
Women do not have to be a Moon Mother in order to be a Red Moon facilitator.

Calendar of workshops

CountryNameEmailLearn more about
BrazilLarissa Lamaslariahmyo@gmail.comMore about Larissa
SpainAndrea Micheli Cidreandrea@espaimimat.es
BrazilJulia Larotondajulialarotonda@gmail.com
ItalyLaura Petronellil.petronelli@gmail.com
ItalyValeria Trisogliolelaina_leo@hotmail.com
UKHeidi Wyldewoodheidi.wyldewood@gmail.com
SwitzerlandValérie Grandespace.valune@gmail.com
GermanyMonika Stenglm.stengl@email.de